Mens Board Shorts : Pattern, Striped & Solid Colours

Bistro St Tropez board shorts are hand-made from the finest materials.  From the silky feel of the 100% polyamide micro fibre that gives our boardies that “quick dry” to the white bronze toggles that add that special detail to the ends of the drawstring.

Every detail is important. The elastic waist provides a comfortable fit and means your choice of size can range.  For a firm fit go down a size and for a loose fit you can go up a size without worrying if the board shorts will fit or not.

Our Board Shorts Styling

The style is based on European swimwear and has a modern, above-the-knee, youthful fit. These are not just board shorts. They are the shorts you can swim in.  These are board shorts that you can wear even when you’re not at the beach or pool.

You can go for a swim and be comfortable going straight to the cafe or restaurant wearing your BST’s.  They not only have style and quality but each range of boardshort has its own unique story. A story that will take you to that place you’d rather be right now.

A warm, tropical place where you can relax and forget the world. Each story is the background for each of our creative designs. So check out our vibrant summer prints and styles and you’ll already be in a more comfortable place.

Board Shorts – Everything You Need

men's board shorts

A pair of good board shorts is all you need – for a perfect day riding the waves. Unlike other sports, where you have to invest into costly gears and equipment, a pair of trusty board shorts and a seasoned board, is all you need for that perfect surf. Just pop that car or locker key into board shorts pocket, and hit the waves.

Bistro St Tropez presents a full range of Bali-inspired board shorts that feature vibrant, catchy designs. Why not look your best when you’re doing what you’re best at. Shop our online store now for the best men’s and boy’s board shorts.


Bistro St Tropez – Brings You Some Of The Best Board Shorts Design

Board shorts design is an art – and in many ways also opinion driven. We don’t just create designs whimsically. At Bistro St Tropez, we regularly connect and consult with our customers to solicit their feedback on what designs they like.

Our board shorts customers are primarily seasoned surfers and beach sports athletes who have very specific demands and preferences in terms of design and fabrication of the board shorts.

Our wide range of unique bali-style board short designs are a result of carefully segmented feedback from these enthusiasts. Recent design trends for board shorts inclines towards the new popular Striped designs.

These striped board shorts convey a simple yet eye-catching style, that professional and seasoned surfers seem to prefer. These striped board shorts are at once minimalistic, yet attractive. Calling just enough attention to the wearer without looking loud or amateurish.

Shop our full range of board shorts now at the Bistro St Tropez online store.