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Jellyfish Board Short Boys

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Boys Board Shorts - Jellyfish Design

So, jellyfish may not be everyone’s favourite sea creature but that doesn’t mean they don’t look cool on as boys board shorts. And for the record, jellyfish do tend to get a bad rap which might be the reason we designed the jellyfish into boys swimwear. While they might not be cute and cuddly, they are actually one of the most interesting ocean animals. For example, did you know that a group of jellyfish is called a smack? They can also do super cool things like glow in the dark and there’s even a species of jellyfish that scientists say can actually live forever. Jellyfish can also clone themselves and interestingly not all of them have tentacles – they are the nasty bits that can sting.

At Bistro St.Tropez, we have tried to incorporate some of the unique aspects of a jellyfish into our fun and colourful designs on our kids swimwear – although we didn’t include any shorts that glow in the dark and we promise you won’t get stung wearing them.

About Our Boys Board Shorts 

Bistro St Tropez boys board shorts is made from 100% Microfiber Polyamide with 100% nylon mesh lining and a cotton drawstring and thread with a metal toggle and elasticized waist. It provides comfort in all the right places! The Microber Polyamide material in the boys swimwear is tear proof and abrasion resistant. They are kids swimwear in a stretchy material that absorbs little moisture and has the highest resistance of textile raw materials. At mid-length above the knee it is not too tight and not too loose, Bistro St. Tropez boys board shorts will suit all shapes and is easy to pare back with a t-shirt or polo shirt from our extensive range.

But you will be cool and comfortable in the jellyfish short – a sure winner in your boys swim short around the pool, thanks to Bistro St. Tropez. It’s cool and classic boys board shorts for the pool and sand at home or on holiday. ”Wear the feeling” at Bistro St Tropez.