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Saint Bistro Flamingo Cotton Beach Short

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100% Cotton woven short with flamingo bird design, colour pigment, stone washed and pockets.



Flaming Flamboyance

The Saint Bistro Flamingo Short is made from 100% cotton with a flamingo design colour pigment and stone-washed to achieve an aged and worn appearance. The design is influenced by European style but has a real modern, youthful cut. The cut of the shorts is the latest style of "above-the-knee" with an elastic waist for an easy fit. These shorts also have a grey cord drawstring which are capped by white bronze toggles. There are side pockets and a back pocket to stash your valuables but most of all, you're going to feel great in these lightweight, comfy, stylish shorts. You can even wear these shorts as board shorts down the beach or at the pool. While they don't have our purpose-built boardie quick dry material, they will perform in the water.

You Are What You Eat

The Flamingo Short is available in 3 colours: black, red and mint. ?The red is the definitive colour of the flamingo with its pink and reddish coloured feathers. ?The Flamingo is the best example of "you are what you eat" as the reddish colour of their feathers comes from the high levels of beta carotene in the algae that they eat in the lakes and lagoons where they live.

Take Off The Chill

The Flamingo is a large bird with a large neck, sticklike legs and pink or reddish feathers. ?You may have seen these birds standing on one leg while they rest with their heads curled up on their backs. ?These birds live around water and 80% of their time is spent in the water, so even in warmer climates they are always hit with the chill factor after a swim (as we all are). ?So they stand on one leg. ?Feet are a significant source of heat loss in birds so by keeping one leg up close to the body they conserve heat and warm up quicker. ?Warning: Please do not do this after swimming in these shorts. Could look stupid! ?The DNA for these shorts is adaptive, efficient and flamboyant.