New Zealand Board Shorts - Bali Style Boardshorts. Free Shipping to NZ.

Want to buy board shorts in New Zealand or NZ?


It's hard to take a holiday nowadays with all the travel restrictions. 

And one of the places New Zealanders miss most is the tropical beaches of Bali!

Remember shopping on the streets of Bali? Where you got to choose from hundreds of boardshort designs? 

Now You Can Shop Those Bali Board Shorts Online - Right From NZ!

Bali inspired board shorts from the original Bistro St Tropez online store. Delivered for free to any location within New Zealand. 

Bistro St Tropez clothing is made from the finest fabrics to ensure quality and comfort even in the warmest of climates. 

The Original Bistro St Tropez Boardshorts - Free Shipping to New Zealand.

Our men’s board shorts feature exotic designs and are inspired by the tropical board shorts designs you have come to love in Bali!

Can't get to Bali? No worries. Enjoy the tropical shopping experience now at our online board shorts store!


NZ Mens Board Shorts - Original Bistro St Tropez mens boardshorts - Free shipping to New Zealand
Now you can enjoy you local beaches in NZ - and feel like you are chilling on the beaches of Bali or Phuket.
mens board shorts - free shipping to New Zealand

Free shipping on all Mens Boardshorts to New Zealand/NZ and Australia Wide!