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Big Turtle Board Shorts

Bistro St Tropez draws inspiration from Bali. Our printed Big Turtle short captures the tranquility of the big turtles that glide around Bali's crystal clear reefs. Wear the feeling with Bistro St Tropez.


Bistro St. Tropez has its heart in the calm, azure seas of Bali, Indonesia. With our board shorts, our designers try to capture the essence of the ocean and that means you will see a lot of turtles in our range – from the little guys who swim around the shallow reefs not far from shore to these big turtles, the gentle giants of the sea.

Turtles can live for as long as we can – and while we probably can’t guarantee your Bistro St. Tropez mens swim shorts will last a hundred years, we can promise you will look fantastic in this bright and colourful design.

Bistro St Tropez board shorts are made from 100% Microfiber Polyamide with 100% nylon mesh lining, a cotton drawstring and thread with a metal toggle and elasticised waist. They provides comfort in all the right places! The Microber Polyamide material in the mens board shorts is tear proof and abrasion resistant. Our mens swim shorts are constructed from a stretchy material that absorbs little moisture and has the highest resistance of textile raw materials. At mid-length above the knee they’re not too tight or too loose. Bistro St. Tropez board shorts will suit all shapes and is easy to pair back with a t-shirt or polo shirt from our extensive range. Perfect when paired with one of our Bistro St Tropez T-shirts, polo shirts and long sleeve linen shirts. Cool and classic board shorts for the surf and sand or resort. Wear the feeling with Bistro St Tropez.

Eye-catching and unique, these mens board shorts will make you stand out of the crowd for all the right reasons. It’s cool and classic board shorts for the surf and sand or resort. ”Wear the feeling” at Bistro St Tropez.