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Stripe Combi Boardshort

100% polyamide quick dry board short in combinations of 2 colours



Stripe Combi Boardshort

Bold Look

The Stripe Combi Board Short is made from water resistant 100% polyamide material for easy drying and personal comfort during and after swimming. The 100% cotton mesh lining in these mens board shorts means no rubbing and no rash. It gives you the freedom you need when you swim, relax and then back in the water again. By the time you're ready to swim again, your board shorts  will be dry. These shorts are designed with the modern look in mind. Above the knee, stylish colours and a fit that's not too loose and not too tight. You can wear these mens swim shorts anywhere. Match them with a plain tee or tank and you can be right at home chilling in a bar or cafe.

These mens board shorts go through a number of key manufacturing processes to achieve the quality and detail that they highlight. The two colour material is cut and sewn together with the fully fitted cotton lining inside.

State Your Stripe

The Stripe Combi Board Short come in 2 colour options with either a strong navy and white stripe or a red and white stripe. The clean look and the bold colours means you will make a statement and you will be noticed.

Double Strength

The double stripe in our Stripe Combi mens board short means a bolder, stronger presence. The DNA embedded in these shorts is power, strength, presence and prosperity. You will have the confidence to chase your goals in a pair of Stripe Combi mens swim shorts.