Staying at the Blue Tree in Thalang, Phuket

If you’re an avid traveller, you probably already know that Phuket is a widely popular tourist destination thanks to its amazing mountain rainforests and stunning, world-class beaches. But did you know that the culture and lifestyle of Phuket have also had a major impact on the Bistro St. Tropez brand as you know it today, with several of our most popular board shorts being directly inspired by the destination? If you’ve ever visited Phuket yourself, you can probably understand why it’s had such an influence on us and why we consider it one of the most beautiful places on Earth. When people visit, some like to hop around to various places along the island, but what if you’re a traveller who wants to enjoy their vacation all in one place? Well, you’ve about all-inclusive resorts – maybe you’ve even visited one or two before – but have you ever heard of an all-inclusive vacation? The Blue Tree, located in Thalang, Phuket, is essentially just that. So, remember to grab your favourite pairs of Bistro St. Tropez board shorts as you pack and let’s learn more about staying at the Blue Tree in Thalang, Phuket.

Blue Tree Phuket

The Blue Tree is a one-of-a-kind, family-friendly entertainment destination that’s basically your wildest vacation dreams come true. It’s the perfect combination of waterpark fun, destination dining, retail opportunities, and resort experiences with over 56 acres of adventures to discover. One of the main features is the 17,000-square-meter, man-made lagoon, designed by world-renowned Crystal Lagoons, that crawls throughout Blue Tree Phuket. The lagoon is essentially the heart of Blue Tree, but beyond it lies even more entertainment and attractions. A few of these include cliff jumping, ziplining, Ninja Warrior training, a skate park, and Super Fly, which are crazy water ramps that catapult you into the swimming area. Furthermore, the waterpark area features artificial sandy beaches, a splash zone for younger children, and a 4-storey beach club overlooking the lagoon with additional bars and restaurants.

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If you’re looking for further fun to keep your kids entertained, there’s no lack of choices at Blue Tree Phuket. Not only are there a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy, including soccer, volleyball, tennis, and badminton, but Blue Tree Phuket also has Kids Planet, an area where their professional team will provide stimulating activities for your kids. Plus, as if that wasn’t enough, there is also an Adventure Village that boasts a trampoline area, foam pit, doughnut slide, climbing net, pirate ship playground, Lego zone, roller skating arena, and more. If you’re instead looking to get out in nature, you can immerse yourself in the Blue Tree’s Forest and explore the trails by foot or bike. Beyond this, there is the Lifestyle Village that contains all types of shops, studios, galleries, restaurants, and even an immigration office that all evokes the charm and heritage of Old Town Phuket. So, once you’re finished up with yoga or your workout, stroll through the mall, maybe stop at Simply Bao for a quick bite to eat, and then make your way to Maniki Boutique.

Maniki Boutique

Maniki Boutique was created by Danish designer Mette Hejselbjerg and is mainly a women’s and girl’s fashion destination located in the midst of the retail precinct. Most of their pieces feature chic patterns, classy accessories, and relaxed silhouettes that look effortlessly beautiful and whimsical in the tropical oasis that is Phuket. However, as one of the premier distributors of beach and resort wear, they didn’t want to leave men completely out of the picture. That’s why they also stock a range of our very own Bistro St. Tropez men’s and boy’s board shorts as well as certain pieces from our resort wear line.

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Seeing as Phuket has had such a significant influence on Bistro St. Tropez as a brand, it only made sense that we worked with Maniki Boutique to bring our pieces back to the place that originally inspired them. Furthermore, Hejselbjerg’s mission to deliver the most innovative and upscale designs to its clientele aligns seamlessly with our own, creating a robust partnership and meaning that our styles now fill that gap for the male audience looking for premier resort wear options. Something else to keep in mind when you’re travelling through or staying in Thalang is that Maniki Boutique often carries exclusive Bistro St. Tropez styles you can’t get elsewhere. So, if you rip your old pair of board shorts, need to beef up your vacation wardrobe a bit, or just want to check out the latest Bistro St. Tropez styles while you’re staying at the Blue Tree, be sure to stop by the Maniki Boutique to see all their newest options.

Final Thoughts

With so much to do and experience at the Blue Tree in Thalang, Phuket, there is truly something for the entire family to enjoy. The Blue Tree is one of the top leisure and entertainment destinations in all of Phuket, thanks to its diverse number of activities and attractions all in one place. You can enjoy something completely new each day at the Blue Tree yet never run out of things to do. Lounge in the lagoon in the morning, go to the Adventure Park in the afternoon, and hit one of the restaurants for some amazing cuisine in the evening. Maybe the next day you decide to relax by the water and then go shopping at the Maniki Boutique and other storefronts in the Lifestyle Village. Either way, whether you’re a water lover, poolside chiller, or busy adventurer during your stay at Blue Tree Phuket, let Bistro St. Tropez keep you comfortable and stylish along the way with our full range of men’s and boy’s board shorts, beach shorts, and resort wear.

Plus, for a limited time only, buy two pairs of board shorts and get a third one FREE! (T&C Apply). Perfect for stocking up before your upcoming trip to Phuket or even just for your next visit to the beach.

Bistro St. Tropez Mens Board Shorts Australia Buy 2 Board Shorts Get 1 Board Short Free

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