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Mens Board Shorts

Bali Styled Board Shorts

We know what’s real. We all have go to work, some days are hard and some are ok.

But when it’s all said and done, its nice to find a place to go where we feel good. Good about ourselves, who we are, and what really defines us. 

mens board shorts - bistro st tropez - australia
We’ve designed a range of clothing to help take you to your place. All our designs have this place in mind and its stitched into the very fabric of everything we make. Click shop now to view all our new release board shorts.

Bali mens board shorts - shop now - online store - Australia

It’s our DNA – the Bistro St Tropez Story. So, feel good about who you are and be comfortable in your own skin especially when its clothed by Bistro St. Tropez.

We create unique designs on our board shorts that reflect our DNA and source the best quality materials to ensure you the highest of standards are met.

Our cottons must ensure you get to that relaxing place and make you feel on top of the world. They are lightweight, soft and comfortable in all climates. Bistro St Tropez. Wear It. Feel It.

Reminiscing Bali - Mens Board Shorts That Exude Character

Drawing inspiration from Bali, our fashion aims at recreating the exotic experience you had at that amazing destination. Imagine being able to purchase or re-order Bali style board shorts, t-shirts, resort wear and casual beach wear in Adelaide or any part of Australia. Just like you you bought them in Bali!