Visiting Canggu & Berawa - Bali

Visiting Canggu & Berawa - Bali

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Bustling with young holidaymakers and digital nomads, Canggu and Berawa continue to be the life of Bali. There's always something different and exciting going on here, from new cafes and restaurants to boutiques, surf schools, yoga centres, and craft beer bars.

This is the place where entrepreneurs can go to make a dollar, or tourists can visit to embrace their natural sense of adventure. And with a new shopping centre right on the beach of Berawa on its way, just a 10-minute bike ride from Canggu beach, there's going to be even more to experience.

So, what else can you do when you visit Canggu and Berawa? Or, more importantly, what are the best and first things to do? We've got your itinerary covered.

Tanah Lot

As one of the most popular destinations for its ancient Hindu shrine and surrounding crashing waters, Tanah Lot is usually one of the first places to tick off your list when heading to Bali. When you want that dreamy sunset photo with a touch of history, this is it.

The wide panoramic background and deep cultural feeling will have you living in a totally different world from today. Not to mention the other onshore sites like restaurants, shops, and other smaller shrines to explore while you're there, including dance performances at the closeby cultural park.

Tanah Lot Popular Destination in Bali

Echo Beach

If you love to surf, Echo Beach promises incredible waves, reef breaks, and an incredible panoramic view. Here, you can also discover seafood cafes and one of the most beautiful sunsets you've ever seen. The beach is well cared for with regular clean-ups from the nearby surf schools and clubs, which also adds to the fun - why not take a surfing class if you're new to the sport?

While surfers are normally here riding the waves throughout the day, at night, things get a little more relaxed, making it the perfect destination to enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants.

Echo Beach Beautiful Sunsets in Bali

Finns Recreational

Want a bit of variety? Finns Recreational Club is perfect. Recognised as a world-class hub in Canggu, you can enjoy a wide variety of sports facilities and activities, depending on your interests. Strike bowling, tennis, relaxing spa centres, gyms, the Bounce Bali Trampoline centre, and more await you.

Plus, when a special sports event is on, you can head to the sports bar here that showcases them live, including AFL, NFL, soccer, and cricket matches. If you're going to spend a lot of time here, we recommend their long-term membership option, which comes at an affordable price and lets you take all the time you need to enjoy their facilities at your own pace. It is open all year round, too!

Finns Recreational World Class Facility in Canggu, Bali

Splash Waterpark

Thrill-seekers will love the Splash Waterpark, the place to go for excitement and fun. Quell your urge for a thrill with their premium pools and variety of slides to suit all egos. This large waterpark is 2,400 sqm and is right next to Finns Recreational Club's main facilities, so there is even more to do afterwards, including grabbing a bite to eat.

Splash Waterpark caters to kids, teens, and adults, with a 90-metre slide featuring a speedometer and a smaller Speed Racer slide for younger kids, as well as many more like the whirling Super Bowl and tall Big Red slides.

Splash Waterpark in Bali

Berawa Beach

Berawa Beach itself is the ideal destination for avid surfers. The dark grey and black sand blend gives it a distinct, eye-catching view and also features one of Canggu coastline's largest lagoons.

The unique rocky reefs beneath make sure the surf is perfect most, if not all, of the time at high tide. Dotted along the beach are some lovely bars where you can watch the sunset and enjoy a drink after a crazy surf day.

Berawa Beach Ideal for Surfers in Bali

Nelayan Beach

With 3.5km of black sand between the Pantai Batu Bolong at Canggu and Berawa, Nelayan Beach is a fisherman's dream come true. This secluded area is a quiet and peaceful location for tranquil sunsets, fishing, and swimming.

Nearby, luxury villas accommodate for the night, so after you have a nice relaxing day here, you can sleep and wake up to it again the next morning. Those who have no interest in surfing will appreciate the calm serenity of Nelayan Beach.

Nelayan Beach is a fisherman's dream come true


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