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Turtle Tribe Board Shorts - Bistro StTropez
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Turtle Board Shorts - Bistro StTropez
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Turtle Board Shorts

Our turtle board shorts are a unique pattern that captures the essence of the ocean in brilliant blues, greens, and charcoals. The board shorts are a comfortable loose fit, designed to wear around the pool, beach or around your home. The blue colour is one of our most popular, representing the waters of Bali where our label was founded. The turtle, of course, is one of the ocean’s most-loved gentle creatures – often seen swimming around reefs and corals, which are also embedded into the design.

Turtles can live for as long as we can – and while we can’t guarantee your Bistro St. Tropez men’s swim shorts will last a hundred years, we can promise you will look fantastic in this bright and colourful design.