A Story Behind Bistro St. Tropez


Bistro St. Tropez is an Australian brand that specializes in stylish yet affordable board shorts, beachwear, and resort wear for men and boys. Bistro St. Tropez infuses elements of Bali, Phuket, and Saint-Tropez heritage and culture to inspire their unique designs for men and boys. Each season you can expect them to bring the hottest trends to help cool you off at the beach and the coolest linen resort wear with moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool at night as you dance the night away. Furthermore, their designs feature water-repellent technology and self-draining front pockets that help keep you covered in all occasions you might face during your vacation. Overall, Bistro St. Tropez creates unique and trendy designs from the best-quality materials so that you can always find a style that best suits you and help you not only look fashionable but stay comfortable. This article will take a deeper look into some of the influences and heritage of the Bistro St. Tropez brand and how it came to be the brand that we recognize today.

Origination of the Bistro St. Tropez Name

The Bistro St. Tropez brand that features board shorts and resort wear for men and boys as we recognize it today was first inspired by the majestic Bali in Indonesia. Bali is known for having lots of impressive ancient religious temples and many idyllic beaches. While the Bistro St. Tropez DNA is based in Bali, its inspiration later expanded to the gorgeous island of Phuket, Thailand as well. Phuket is also known for its beautiful beaches and resorts, and it has become an increasingly popular tourist destination over the last decade or so. Bali and Phuket are the main inspirations of the Bistro St. Tropez brand and are reflected in the imaginative beach, swim, and resort wear that they produce for men and boys. However, the history behind the name of Bistro St. Tropez takes us even further into the heritage of the French Riviera.
Bistro St. Tropez is actually named in part after Saint-Tropez, a city located in the French Riviera. Saint-Tropez, France is known for its beaches, of course, but also for its fashion and nightlife. So although Bali was the birthplace of Bistro St. Tropez and Phuket provides further inspiration for the brand, the name derives from Saint-Tropez, France. Over the years, Saint-Tropez has sparked creativity for many people, with multiple now-infamous films being made on their beaches and in their beach clubs. Nowadays, brands like Bistro St. Tropez are also inspired by the idyllic beaches and clear blue waters. All in all, Bali, Phuket, and Saint-Tropez have captured the imagination of Bistro St. Tropez, and all of these influences have culminated in the amazing board short and resort wear brand for men and boys that we recognize today.

More on Bali and Phuket

Bali is a province of Indonesia and includes the island of Bali and a few smaller neighboring islands, including Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. Bali is located at the westernmost part of the Lesser Sunda Islands, and millions of tourists visit each year. People flock year after year to see some of the most magnificent wonders like crystal clear waters, glorious beaches, rugged mountains, and religious spaces like water temples. Just imagine riding horses along the beach shore while you enjoy panoramic ocean views before heading back to your floating villa to spend time in the infinity pool with a cold drink. Bistro St. Tropez creates options for boys and men that can move through all of these different occasions and keep you comfortable and stylish. Bali's ideas and culture are part of what created the initial spark that is now Bistro St. Tropez, and Bali's influence can be seen throughout the brand’s beach, swim, and resort wear.

Phuket is one of Thailand's most popular tourist destinations thanks to its pure blue skies, unforgettable beaches, and recognizable attractions like the James Bond Island. As long as you don’t travel during the rainy season, typically from May to November, you will get to enjoy everything that Phuket has to offer. Phuket is like a playground for adventure, and Bistro St. Tropez has created designs to accommodate all types of experiences you will face. The Bistro St. Tropez brand calls on inspiration from Phuket’s culture and heritage to create unique pieces for men and boys to enjoy, whether at the beach or the resort.  

About Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is a coastal city in the French Riviera region of southeastern France that features around 40 different beaches. It used to be a quaint fishing village with a small port, but now the name Saint-Tropez is more commonly associated with things like luxury yachts, high-profile celebrities, and seaside resorts. Saint-Tropez has a rich history since the Greeks, and then the Romans first inhabited it. It also experienced a revival in the 1400s when wealthy Genoese families rebuilt the city, and this revival can be seen throughout much of the architecture still standing today.

Nowadays, Saint-Tropez is not only known for its clear waters and endless sandy beaches but also its nightlife and fashion, making it the perfect inspiration behind Bistro St. Tropez’s name. There are endless activities to engage in on the water, such as jet skiing, surfing, snorkeling, and swimming. In Saint-Tropez, you can catch a wave in the morning, visit a museum, harbor, or winery during the day, and then enjoy a night out on the town all night long. The energetic culture of Saint-Tropez is part of the reason why Bistro St. Tropez was so heavily inspired; they wanted to offer their clients stylish options for all aspects of their vacation time. Therefore, Bistro St. Tropez developed board shorts and swimwear to keep you comfortable and stylish during beach time as well as trendy resort wear to keep you cool and wick moisture away while you visit different things like the famous Vieux Port or the Musée de l'Annonciade in Saint-Tropez.

With over 20 kilometers of sand in and around Saint-Tropez, there is no shortage of beaches to enjoy some fun in the sun. Although Saint-Tropez’s permanent population is around 6,000, they welcome over 6 million visitors each year. So whether you are a beach bum or a history lover, the clear beaches and cobble-stoned streets of Saint-Tropez hold something for all guests and is what makes Saint-Tropez such an unforgettable place. 

Beaches of Saint-Tropez

As mentioned, Saint-Tropez is home to over 40 beaches and 20 kilometers of sand in the immediate area. Here, we will take a closer look at some of the more popular beach locations in Saint-Tropez, France.

1. Pampelonne Beach

Pampelonne Beach is the beach that most people associate with Saint-Tropez and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area.  It is considered Saint-Tropez’s crown jewel of beaches, and it has nearly 5 kilometers of fine, white sand making it the longest beach in the area. Pampelonne Beach is where you will find the A-listers, famous beach clubs, and the massive yachts all lined up in the marina. Pampelonne Beach is also where the movie ‘The Troops of St. Tropez’ was filmed, a 1964 French comedy starring Louis de Funès as an uptight gendarme who is forced to move to Saint-Tropez. Furthermore, Pampelonne Beach is where you can find Club 55, which is one of the most popular beach clubs on Pampelonne Beach. Club 55 was featured in a scene in the famous 1956 Bridgette Bardot film ‘And then God Created Woman’ and has drawn thousands of guests each year since then. Thanks to its endless beautiful beaches and reputation for being a playground for the wealthy, Pampelonne Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Saint-Tropez and is typically the one everyone thinks about when they think Saint-Tropez.

Pampelonne Beach Bistro St. Tropez Bali Styled Mens Board Shorts Including Boys Board Shorts Australia

2. Hôtel de Paris Beach

Hôtel de Paris Beach is a relatively new beach in Saint-Tropez that opened in early 2019. Guests appreciate its centralized location since it is near the city center as well as many notable landmarks in Saint-Tropez, including Place des Lices and Saint-Tropez Citadel. Some of the main activities to engage in on Hôtel de Paris Beach include jet skiing, scuba diving, horseback riding, or stopping for a bite to eat and a cocktail at one of the beach clubs. Over the last few years that it has been open, many tourists have checked out this new must-visit hotspot.

Hôtel de Paris Beach Bistro St. Tropez Bali Styled Mens Board Shorts Including Boys Board Shorts Australia

3. Byblos Beach

Byblos Beach occupies a prime spot within the legendary Pampelonne Beach and is described as a haven of style and elegance. Byblos Beach was opened in April of 2019, even though the Hotel Byblos has been around since 1967. The Hotel Byblos was created by a wealthy Lebanese businessman who was obsessed with Bridgette Bardot; now, over 50 years later, this legacy extends to Byblos Beach as well. The pristine white beach meets with crystal clear waters and is the perfect place to relax and forget all of your worries. Other than water activities, one of the best things to do on Byblos Beach is grab a cold drink, perhaps a book or an appetizer, and settle into a sun lounger to enjoy the uninterrupted view of the Mediterranean Sea for the afternoon.

Byblos Beach Bistro St. Tropez Bali Styled Mens Board Shorts Including Boys Board Shorts Australia

4. La Réserve Beach

La Réserve Beach is also part of the iconic Pampelonne Beach and was opened in 2019. It boasts that it is one of the most glamorous beaches of the Saint-Tropez Peninsula and that it is family-friendly. La Réserve Beach is just a few minutes away from Saint-Tropez, and because it is not right in the heart of the city, it is one of the Riviera’s most well-hidden paradises. It offers all of the same activities you can expect elsewhere but in a more laid-back and relaxed style. Since it is out of the hustle and bustle of Saint-Tropez, it is easier to connect with the natural surroundings and enjoy your time coming face-to-face with the Mediterranean.

La Réserve Beach Bistro St. Tropez Bali Styled Mens Board Shorts Including Boys Board Shorts Australia

5. Bagatelle Beach

Bagatelle Beach is right beside Nikki Beach on Pampelonne Beach and was created in 2012. Nowadays, Bagatelle Beach exudes high-class party vibes and is a destination of choice for influencers, trendsetters, and the international jet set. Bagatelle Beach is built on a love for French culture and heritage, and this makes it an excellent location to visit to get the full French Riviera experience. If you are not playing beach games or lounging in the sun, be sure to jump in the crystal clear Mediterranean waters for some swimming, snorkeling, or surfing fun before heading to the beach club for exquisite food and hand-crafted specialty cocktails.

Bagatelle Beach Bistro St. Tropez Bali Styled Mens Board Shorts Including Boys Board Shorts Australia

6. Loulou Beach

Loulou Beach was opened in April 2019 and was a collaboration between Jean-Philippe Cartier, Laurent de Gourcuff, and Gérard Malafosse. Loulou Beach features Parisian décor that was designed as a chic homage to the bohemian Riviera of the 1950s. Loulou Beach has a sister restaurant of the same name, Loulou, housed in the heart of the Palais du Louvre, which overlooks the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. People familiar with the Parisian fine-dining scene, and more specifically Loulou’s, will see the similar Parisian influences between the two sister companies. Loulou Beach is all about promoting friendly vibes, which means that feeling comfortable and relaxed are the most important things at Loulou Beach. Loulou Beach is a great place to spend long sun-drenched days enjoying all that the Mediterranean Sea has to offer.

 Loulou Beach Bistro St. Tropez Bali Styled Mens Board Shorts Including Boys Board Shorts Australia

About Bistro St. Tropez

Bistro St. Tropez carries the most fashionable swim, beach, and resort wear for men and boys and is essential in anyone's suitcase looking to visit these destinations. Bistro St. Tropez has all types of designs and styles to suit any occasion or vacation. You can mix and match board shorts, resort wear, and classic tops throughout your trip to get the most out of your vacation wardrobe. Bistro St. Tropez offers the most stylish options, whether unique and comfortable swimwear for being on the beach all day or soft and breathable linen resort wear that wicks away moisture for your night out on the town. Bistro St. Tropez helps you feel comfortable, stylish, and at your best while on vacation. Our pieces are offered in a wide array of colors, patterns, and designs, meaning you will always be able to find something that reflects your own personal style. With inspirations taken from Bali, Phuket, and Saint-Tropez, Bistro St. Tropez is an innovative swim, beach, and resort wear brand for men and boys that are ready to help you stay comfortable and trendy on your next trip.

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