Great Places To Go In Legian & Seminyak

Great Places To Go In Legian & Seminyak

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Beach bars, roadside bars, cafes, restaurants... Legian and Seminyak offer plenty of variety when it comes to kicking back with a cool drink, watching spectacular sunsets over the Indian ocean, and catching a glimpse of the Volcanoes of East Java in the stunning distance on clear days.

There are many great places to go in Legian and Seminyak, but where do you start? You don't want to miss out on these top, must-visit locations.

La Plancha is one of them with its colourful atmosphere and bar haven, and for those on a budget, Kuta at the end of the beach in front of Zanzibar restaurant is just as enjoyable with a busy but welcoming vibe.

Get the drum roll ready! Here are the other prized destinations in Legian and Seminyak that you don't want to leave out of your itinerary.

Gado Gado

A great sunset view combined with delicious food and a friendly atmosphere is what defines Gado Gado. This is a bold and playful classic, featuring a beachfront view right on Seminyak beach, plenty of parking space, and an easy-to-access location.

Gado Gado is what you get when you mix exotic style and ambient nature together, creating what can only be described as magical. With passionate staff and a surefire way to escape from reality, it is here where you can taste the culture of Bali and experience that iconic "beach" vacation.

Gado Gado Seminyak

La Plancha

We touched on this briefly, but don't drop the pen just yet. There's a lot more to La Plancha than meets the eye. In addition to its brightly coloured bean bags and umbrellas, beach view, and bar-filled surroundings, it also comes with the promise of delicious Balinese food and a wonderful local welcoming.

La Plancha is found within the natural Bali landscape, and it's what you would call a beach jungle. With the vintage-inspired architecture and vivid colour display, it's a standout destination among any other place in Bali but still provides that authentic Bali experience.

Those searching for something out of the ordinary during night exploits will find La Plancha to be a particular point of interest, especially with their old-school music and themed parties to kickstart the night.

La Plancha Bali


Zanzibar is a beachfront restaurant where you can also find small bars and always a refreshing, exciting vibe to get amongst. Their menu selection is broad to cater to all different tastes, including traditional food and other favourite dishes.

All food aside, Zanzibar also features hotel rooms, villas, and beach villas for anyone seeking the best of both worlds - comfortable accommodation and mouthwatering food right by the beach!


Legian Beach

Also known as the "Blue Ocean Beach," Legian Beach is what people think of when they dream about a relaxed, serene beach compared to those that are overcrowded and busy. Legian covers the Double Six Beach coastline (which we'll talk more about below), bordering Seminyak Beach.

Unlike other beaches that may only offer one extreme or the other, Legian provides a range of activities, including surfing lessons, sunbathing, swimming, playing beach volleyball, kicking a ball, and more. Not to mention the breathtaking sunsets that occur on this sand haven!

This is also a popular spot for beach parties, and some famous DJ's and live bands have performed at the nearby Cocoon Beach Club and The Plantation Grill. Enough said, right?

Legian Beach Bali

Double Six Beach

Small but mighty, the Double Six Beach is 500-metres long and part of the larger Seminyak Beach. Parallel to this beach is the Jalan Double Six, featuring numerous bars and restaurants to explore.

Double Six Beach is a public beach and is easily accessible via the Legian resorts and other accommodation. All-day dining restaurants are found close by, and at sunset, the crowds pour in for those snap-worthy shots. Bring your parasol, beach bag, mini table, and entire beach set-up to make the most out of these memorable sunsets.

Double Six Beach Seminyak Bali

Seminyak Beach

Considered Bali's most stylish beach, Seminyak beach is lined with luxurious resorts, restaurants, and boutiques, as well as the beautiful ocean view. With famous dining spots housing international chefs and chic fashion stores, the foodies, shopaholics, and water bugs will find themselves at home here.

White sand covers the beach with great waves and a whole 3km stretch for many crowds to come for some relaxation and swimming. It's usually quiet during the day, making it perfect for flying kites, sunbathing, swimming, chatting with friends, or reading a book. Lifeguards set up safe swimming zones nearby, and you can also rent a board here for surfing if necessary.

Seminyak Beach Bali

Echo Beach

Surfers will race to get in the surf at Echo Beach, which is famed for its unique reef breaks and sunsets. It's considered one of the most iconic surf destinations in Bali, and its nickname comes from the nearby beach club. The local name is Pantai Batu Mejan, named after the Hindu sea temple that is particularly prominent nearby.

Echo Beach is our recommendation for surfers or anyone looking for the perfect sunset photo. Grab a bite to eat after you finish up here - there are many seafood cafes up on the high vantage point at Echo Beach!

Echo Beach Bali

Petitenget Beach

The Petitenget Beach gets its name from the nearby ancient temple that also adds to its stunning traditional vibe. This is one of the quieter beaches found in Bali, situated in a relaxed neighbourhood with easy access.

The grey sand on this beach gives it a unique look, combined with calm natural surroundings that makes it a very special location for exercise, meditation, swimming, and sunbathing. Escape from the bustling crowds and find your inner peace at Petitenget.

Legian and Seminyak have all of the beaches, restaurants, and bars you could ever dream of when planning the perfect summer holiday. Don't let its "chilled" stereotype fool you - there is something for everyone to partake in at these locations, whether you're a daring adventurer or a laid back type of person.

Petitenget Beach Bali

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