Craft Beer Comes To Bali

Craft Beer Comes To Bali

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Discovering and experiencing quality craft beer in Bali was once a rare occasion, like finding a hidden treasure at complete random. Finding something other than a Bintang or an Anker used to be difficult. However in recent times the Bali nightlife industry has flourished with craft beers as it has around the world. There are now more opportunities than ever for Bali tourists and locals allowing us to enjoy different beers from all over the world.

With the increased demand for delicious and worthy Bali craft beers came the birth of a whole new range of tasty concoctions, so you're bound to find the perfect one.

What Defines A Craft Beer?

Craft beer is a traditional and independent type of beer with smaller annual productions than your regular beer, making it much more unique and exclusive. You can experiment with so many different styles of beer with various tastes, allowing beer lovers to get creative with their passion. Here are some of our top recommendations for finding your dream craft beer in Bali - an iconic tourist destination that is renowned for its noteworthy beverages.

Black Sands Brewery Canggu

This craft beer brewery has a firm philosophy - beer is their way of life. By taking inspiration from the surf, sunshine, shared food, and celebrations, they thrive on what matters most when making good beer - the social and lifestyle aspects!

Here, you can try craft beers that are unfiltered, unpasteurized, contain no additives, and utilize only the best ingredients for the perfect result. It's natural craft beer at its finest.

Beer Lovers Assemble in Canggu, Bali at Black Sand Brewery 


Lola's is a popular mini beer shop in Sanur, selling a delicious selection of Indonesian, Balinese, Draft, and even Import craft beers. This is a vibrant, friendly, and social destination that will certainly quench your curious thirst.

Lola's Cantina Mexicana

Creative Hub

The beer garden at the Creative Hub in Sanur offers a diverse range of both international and local brews, including Stark Wheat Beer, the famous Anderson Valley Californian craft brew, and even the old classics like Bintang and Prost.

This place will keep your belly full with a menu of tasty food and satisfy your beer-craving taste buds. If you're looking for a place that encourages social interaction, connections, and celebrations among everyone, this is it. Its Creative Hub name is true to its meaning!

 Rumah Sanur Creative Hub

Shotgun Social in Sanur

Blending the traditional atmosphere of Bali with an elegant touch, Shotgun Social in Sanur is another top recommendation, praised for its excellent service and choice of beverages. The architecture is stunning, and all of the little details truly contribute to how special this place is, such as the lighting and spacious feel.

This beer garden has a comfortable setting for all beer enthusiasts to enjoy, with a whole variety to choose from. Craft beers come on tap, and it's also a family-friendly option for those with kids or planned events.

 Shotgun Social Bali

Kura Kura

Recently, Kura Kura was launched as a remarkable location to find your next craft beer. This place also offers brewery tours across their 3-hectare land with lush gardens and lunches that can complete the whole experience.

Their beverages come with the promise of genuine personality, sourcing only the finest ingredients and using a slow-brew method to achieve that perfect island-esque flavour.

Experience authentic craft beer right in the heart of Bali with Kura Kura.

New Kura Kura Beer 100 % made in Bali

Discard your regular, everyday beers and dive into something new with all of what Bali's craft beers have to offer.

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