Best Beaches in Perth, Australia

When planning a vacation, it is always essential to research some of the must-see locations in the area. Perth is a growing city located on the western edge of the Australian mainland and is a popular tourist destination. It stretches along over 150 kilometers of the Indian Ocean, and today we will discuss some of the best beaches that you need to visit on your next vacation to Perth, Australia.

Leighton Beach

Leighton Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Perth, thanks to its beautiful white sand, crystal clear waters, and grassy picnic areas that feature gazebos, tables, and BBQs. It is located close to the center of town, meaning you can easily take the bus, and it has plenty of parking for beach-goers. Furthermore, Leighton Beach has dog-friendly areas, clean and safe beaches for people to play, and nearby facilities with bathrooms and change rooms. Leighton Beach is an excellent place to relax for the afternoon, enjoy the sunset, or play around in the waters and on the beach with your family.

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Perth Basin

Perth Basin is located on Rottnest Island and is known for its safe, calm waters and gorgeous natural qualities. The Perth Basin was formed when the Australian continental plate began moving away from the African and Indian continental plates millions of years ago. Nowadays, its natural beauty makes it a popular tourist destination for people to go swimming and especially snorkeling. With shaded areas, change rooms and toilet facilities nearby, and a ten-minute walk from the main settlement area, Perth Basin is a great place to spend some time.

Best Beaches in Perth, Australia

Rockingham Beach

Rockingham Beach is a vibrant hub of activity that features boardwalks and paths along the beach, which accentuates the beautiful landscaping of the area. In fact, the landscaping and redevelopment of the beach was recognized at the Parks and Leisure Australia 2020 Awards of Excellence, winning the National Community Facility of the Year Award. Rockingham Beach’s clear waters, white sand, and lovely grassed areas that have trees, sun-loungers, and umbrellas, is one of the best protected swimming beaches in the Perth area.

Best Beaches in Perth, Australia

Floreat Beach

Floreat Beach is generally not as crowded as some of the other beaches in Perth and is a popular place for bodyboarders and surfers, thanks to the natural groyne created on the beach’s southern end. The groyne forms basically a low wall which causes strong and consistent waves that surfers can enjoy. On the weekends, Floreat Beach has active lifeguards on duty, and it also features free parking, boardwalks, grassy areas, and cycle paths. With a playground for the children and lovely views of the Indian Ocean that stretch out to Rottnest Island, it is sure to be a favorite for all.

Best Beaches in Perth, Australia

Warnbro Beach

Warnbro Beach is located about a 30-minute car ride south of Perth and features a 7.6 kilometer long beach. It is also one of the more popular nudist beaches since it is safe, discrete, and relatively large. The area delegated for nudists is clearly marked with signposts, about 1.4 kilometers long, and is protected to the east by coastal dunes and the west by a reef. Furthermore, dogs are allowed at the southern end of the nudist beach. Warnbro Beach is a laid-back beach with calm waters, which makes it perfect for swimming or relaxing in the sun on the beach.

Best Beaches in Perth, Australia

Mettam’s Pool

Mettam’s Pool is another favorite location for swimmers and snorkelers. However, when the tides come in, it can get rougher in the afternoon. Therefore, inexperienced snorkelers are advised to go in the morning when the waters are calm, and only experienced snorkelers should venture out in the afternoon. Mettam’s Pool features fine, soft sand on its beaches as well as shallow areas for people to relax or swim. Mettam’s Pool is typically not too crowded, but bringing reef shoes and coming early to get free parking nearby is recommended.

Best Beaches in Perth, Australia

Salmon Bay

Salmon Bay is also a part of Rottnest Island, and its snorkeling opportunities feature loads of fish, rocky outcrops, and live coral reefs, all close to the shore. This diversity of underwater life is what sets it apart from other snorkeling areas. Furthermore, there are cycling paths, dive spots for adventurers, and shallow parts with no waves for children.

Best Beaches in Perth, Australia

Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach is known for its pristine and safe shores, thanks to daily cleaning for seaweed. It also has calm waters, which is great for family swimming since it is sheltered by an island called Wedding Cake Island. In addition, Coogee Beach is excellent for intermediate snorkelers, and the partially submerged shipwreck, the Omeo, is a great attraction. Coogee Beach is typically not too crowded and has a pier that you can jump off into the waters. Although it does not have any amenities like showers, it does have a slide for children to play in the shallows.

Best Beaches in Perth, Australia

Pinnaroo Point

Pinnaroo Point is one of the best locations for windsurfers as well as intermediate and expert kite surfers to visit. Furthermore, it is a popular location for kayaking, although it is usually not too busy. People like to go night fishing at Pinnaroo Point because there are several reef breaks not too far offshore where fish can be found. Pinnaroo Point boasts lots of parking, grassy areas for picnics, as well as accessible toilets and change rooms.

Best Beaches in Perth, Australia

Lady Edeline Beach

Lady Edeline Beach is located on the north side of Rottnest Island. The beach was named after the wife of Governor Sir Gerald Strickland in 1912, who was responsible for bringing Peafowl, more commonly known as Peacocks, to the island that are still around today. It is a luxuriously long white sandy beach, surrounded by large dunes, with brilliant water that turns from light green to dark blue as the water goes out and gets deeper. Often, many boats are moored offshore of Lady Edeline Beach, but it is one of the lesser populated gems in the Perth area and definitely worth checking out.

Best Beaches in Perth, Australia

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