Bistro St. Tropez’s Guide to Swimwear & Beachwear in 2021

A trip to the beach and what to wear used to be as simple as putting on any old tee, with some baggy board shorts or swim shorts, and a pair of thongs (flip-flops for you Americans). But beachwear, swimwear, or resort wear, are subject to emerging trends, and therefore have seriously levelled up in the 2000’s.

Today, beachwear is no longer exclusively for the beach or poolside. With a growing list of emerging brands, including different categories and design features for beach shorts; consumers have higher expectations of the beach gear they buy, including the need for them to be versatile and functional.

So, do I need board shorts, swim shorts or beach shorts? What is the difference?

How do you choose the right pair in this age of decorum in men’s beachwear – or is it swimwear – wait, no, resort wear? Well, we have put together this guide to make the decision easier for you.

What to look for in Board Shorts & Beachwear

  1. Material Quality - They help to prevent chaffing or skin irritation that you may get from the sand. Board shorts are made from light, fast-drying materials microfiber polyester and nylon. Making them ideal for all-day wear. The greatest advantage that board shorts have is, they are breathable. Bistro St Tropez men’s board shorts support a cotton drawstring, an elasticised waist, stretchy material and come in a variety of designs and colours to match. In contrast, swim shorts are shorter and specially designed for swimming. Quick-drying technology ought to be standard and comes with mesh-lining to support the drying process. Beach shorts come in a variety of materials - from 100% cotton - to fast drying polyester. 
  1. Length – Men’s board shorts are often longer than beach shorts. Designed to protect the legs of surfers from potential collisions with surf boards. But they aren’t specially designed to be used for swimming. Board shorts often come to or past the knee. Board shorts are the best styles chosen for surfing. The length maintains the distance between the material on the surfboard and your skin. As you’d expect swim shorts and beach shorts are shorter. Designed to glide through the water and provide support for other sun-orientated activities.  
  1. Waistband - The waist band or drawstring closure is what makes board shorts a great choice. Board shorts are great for people who do not like a big elastic belt-tightening at the waist. This is also great for active wearers who spend a long time making a splash in the water. 
  1. Purpose - Board shorts are great choice for you to wear even as casual pair of shorts. Beach shorts are an all-day purpose-built edition, allowing you to go from beachside to inner city, without needing to change. Swim shorts on the other hand are likely to attract funny looks if you stray too far from the shore. 
  1. Mesh Lining - Board shorts come with and without mesh-lining. Higher-end brands provide board shorts with nothing between you and the material, requiring briefs, or another bathing suit to be worn underneath. Whilst more affordable brands such Bistro St Tropez include all the luxe features you’d expect of a high-end brand, such as mesh lining, but with a much more attractive price tag. 

Versatile & Functional

When choosing your next pair of shorts for summer and water-based activities, choose a brand that has all the necessary design features for you to perform your best in and out of the water, without the cringeworthy price. Bistro St. Tropez for men’s board shorts Australia doesn’t compromise on quality and believes in affordability. The brand has established itself all categories of shorts – board shorts, beach shorts and swim shorts - they also offer resort wear, including shirts to match, so you can stay in style wherever the waves take you.

The brand is famous for its Bali-styled board shorts. Special features include their tear-proof build and resistance to abrasion – lots of bright colours, designs, and prints alike. Making each pair of shorts unique and a standout choice for your next beach trip.

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