Free Activities to Enjoy in Phuket, Thailand

We all love the idea of going on vacation, but unfortunately, the reality is that travelling can be very expensive sometimes. After your travel expenses, accommodations, and any excursions you might want to go on, not to mention food or drinks, it can all really add up. However, experiencing new places and cultures doesn’t have to be costly; in fact, there are often many free activities you can enjoy while on your next getaway. Today we are going to look at free activities to enjoy in Phuket, Thailand, so grab your board shorts and best men’s resort wear and let’s dive right in.

Kick Back on One of the Many Beaches

Of course, no list of visiting Phuket would be complete without recommending that you kick back on one of the many glorious beaches in the area. With over 30 options, there is a wide variety of atmospheres and sceneries to choose from around the island. One of the most popular beaches is Patong Beach – also the longest beach in Phuket; it is known for being a bustling seaside centre ideal for people-watching, shopping, or dining. If you’re looking for another well-known but perhaps less busy beach, then Kata Beach could be perfect for you. With its beautiful soft sand, pristine waters, and nodding palm trees, the 1.5 km beach is a great location for surfing, snorkelling, sunbathing, and relaxing in general. Some other great options to perhaps visit on your next getaway to Phuket include Freedom Beach, Bang Tao Beach, Nai Harn Beach, and Banana Beach. The best part about a day or afternoon at the beach is that it’s free to enjoy the sand, sun, and surf, and not to mention you’ll get the opportunity to show off your new Bistro St. Tropez men’s or boy’s board shorts.

Enjoy Panoramic Viewpoints

Along with having fantastic beaches, several viewpoints around Phuket give you a 360-degree view of the area. If you have already committed to going from beach to beach, enjoying these panoramic viewpoints is another easy and free activity to add to your itinerary – plus, you will even get some extra exercise! Since Phuket is a rainforested, mountainous area, you can expect to see exotic wildlife, budding plant life, and aerial views of the beaches and shops at these viewpoints. One prominent viewpoint in the area is Karon Viewpoint, where you can look over Kata Noi, Kata, and Karon Beach. Another impressive one is called Black Rock, where after a short but steep hike, you reach the viewpoint and are rewarded with a superb birds-eye view of the famous Nai Harn Beach, the Promthep Cape, and several islands beyond the horizon. Lastly, and somewhat farther outside of the island, is the superb Samet Nangshee viewpoint, where you will experience a jaw-dropping panorama of Phang Nga Bay featuring fantastic limestone formations and stunning natural vistas. Ultimately, enjoying the local viewpoints is a great way to experience everything that Phuket has to offer without ever opening your wallet.

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Explore Authentic Markets

Phuket has many authentic markets that you can stroll through and enjoy without spending any money (as long as you don’t find anything you absolutely need to eat or take home as a souvenir, that is). One of the most famous markets occurs along the usually quiet Thalang Road and is known as the Sunday Walking Street Market. The Sunday Walking Street Market, also referred to as the “Lard Yai Market” by locals, is the most popular attraction in Phuket town, and each Sunday from 4-9 pm, the quiet 360-metre long street is transformed into a bustling centre where vendors can sell their goods and wares for tourists or other locals. Another popular thing in Phuket is night markets, with the original Phuket Weekend Market, also known as “Talad Tai Rod,” located on the outskirts of town where you will be sure to find a lively and colourful atmosphere even during the evening. There are, of course, several other markets to enjoy, such as the downtown Indy Market or the Chillva Market. These markets can be an excellent way to experience the authentic culture of Phuket, and not to mention is a great place to show off your style wearing Bistro St. Tropez resort wear that Phuket itself inspired. 

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Visit Famous Monuments and Temples

When you visit Phuket, there will surely be some famous temples or monuments to add to your vacation itinerary. One of the best ones to visit is the Big Buddha, located in the southern part of Phuket. The Big Buddha is a 45-metre-tall white marble statue that you can climb up to or even just admire from afar. At the top of the stairs leading to the Big Buddha, you will be rewarded with a panoramic lookout of the surrounding area, and it’s free to walk the stairs several times. Some other temples to visit include Wat Chalong, perfect for an afternoon stroll to enjoy the Grand Pagoda, Wat Khao Rang (or Sumnak Song Khao Rang), the original home of the Big Buddha image on the island located on the slope of the popular Rang Hill, and the Jui Tui Shrine, which is a must-see for visitors as one of the oldest and most respected spiritual centres around. These monuments and temples will inform you about the rich history of the area while also being an amazing and free experience you get to enjoy on your next trip to Phuket.

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Get a Selfie with a Landing Plane  

Finally, as you’re relaxing on Mai Khao Beach during the high season (between December and June), it is the perfect time to get a quick selfie with a landing plane. Watching planes land in Phuket has become a top-rated attraction in recent years; however, a few rules exist. For example, you aren’t supposed to stand right in the way of the plane to protect your safety and because the jets can cause the sand to whip up and feel like sandpaper. I mean, as long as you get the picture, right? Ultimately, snapping a selfie with a landing plane is not only an epic photo with a beautiful beach in the background but is a great way to show off your new Bistro St. Tropez board shorts and create a memory that lasts a lifetime.


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