How Resort Wear is Taking the Fashion World By Storm

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been forced to completely adjust our daily habits, including where we visit, who we see, the things we do, and even the articles of clothing we wear. For example, thanks to the pandemic and the rise of stylish comfort, resort wear has seen a huge leap in popularity and can now be found as staple pieces in many closets across Australia. Therefore, resort and casual wear has become a part of our everyday dressing and has gone from being reserved for niche labels to mainstream fashion. That’s why our full line of men’s resort and casual wear is designed with ultimate comfort and style in mind, so no matter if you’re lounging on the couch, strolling across a beach in Bali, or making a quick trip to the market, Bistro St. Tropez has all your latest styles and designs!

The Rise of Staycations

So, why is resort wear taking the fashion world by storm? The answer is that no one can travel as they used to, which has resulted in a rise in staycations. A ‘staycation’ is when you take a vacation, yet you ‘stay’ home rather than travel to an exotic location. With the rise of staycations, there has also been an increased demand for comfortable, easy to wear, and stylish clothing – which is what resort wear is made for.

Although many people can’t go to these tropical destinations and explore, they still want to look and feel their best, and that’s where resort wear comes in. For example, something like our red Linen Short Sleeve Shirt is perfectly paired with our navy Keats Small Stripe Resort Short to give that laid-back yet elevated feel. Or, if you prefer to go even more casual, you could opt for our Black and White Small Stripe V-Neck Tee complemented by our brown-washed Saint Bistro Plain Cotton Beach Short. With many casual pieces available, it ultimately depends on your individual taste and style!

The clothes you choose can transport you to another place, which is why many people have turned to resort wear for their staycations so they can be comfortable yet look good. Ultimately, resort and casual wear is no longer reserved only for the wealthy jetsetters but rather is available for all to take advantage of thanks to the pandemic and its emphasis on wearable, durable, and casual styles.

Border Re-Openings and Travelling Abroad

Amidst many travel mandates and requirements to stay home over the past two years, there have been several ebbs and flows, with many regions loosening their restrictions in recent months. At this point, some places such as Fiji have re-opened their borders to tourists, which means, you guessed it – time to purchase some new resort and casual wear for your next vacation!

Versatility is key when you are travelling so that you can not only look and feel your best but also pack fewer articles of clothing. Therefore, another trend that has grown throughout the pandemic is getting resort wear for a quick tropical getaway. As we’ve seen, resort wear can be the perfect couch couture, but it is also ideal for enjoying some fun in the sun, catching a night market, or lounging around the resort you’re staying at.

For example, an excellent staple piece for your vacation wardrobe is our beige Keats Original Resort Short. Its versatility means you could wear it on its own, dress it up with something like our sky blue Linen Long Sleeve Shirt, or keep it more casual with an option like our white Plain V-Neck Tee. And don’t forget to stock up on your favourite men’s and boy’s board shorts before setting off – many of our current styles are even on sale!

What This Means for Resort Wear

With continued demand for comfortable, casual, yet stylish clothing, we expect the trend of resort wear as everyday fashion to continue. Resort wear is more than just garments; it’s an attitude. It allows you to escape to your favourite destination from the comfort of your own home. And as we navigate this new normal throughout the pandemic, resort wear seems to be the perfect antidote for this time of upheaval and uncertainty.

For example, many people have realised when it comes to staycations that the comfort that resort wear provides is crucial, while the fact that it’s stylish is an additional bonus. Ultimately, the inherent versatility and durability of resort wear makes it attractive to more than just travellers or beachgoers and has opened a whole new market in the fashion world.

On the other hand, although travel restrictions dictate where many can go, people are anxious to get back out and visit their favourite travel destinations. So, although there are certain guidelines that travellers must follow, many people are ready to get back to their regular travel schedule. This, of course, means adding the newest pieces to their wardrobe, so they are completely vacation-ready. In other words, there will be a continued two-fold demand for resort and casual wear since it is the perfect option for both at home and at play scenarios.

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Final Thoughts

Since resort wear is one of the most versatile types of clothing, there has been a massive uptick in interest since the beginning of the pandemic. At Bistro St. Tropez, we not only expect this trend to continue, but we are prepared with many premium options for you to choose from based on your style and taste. With several popular pieces, such as our Bistro Club Track Short, Keats Lightweight Cotton Resort Short, Black or White Turtle Tee, Medium Stripe Round Neck Tee, and more, there is always something for everyone. So, be sure to check out our latest collection of men’s resort and casual wear as well as our full line of men’s board shorts before embarking on your next vacation – whether it be to the couch, the markets of Bali, or the beaches of Phuket.

Buy Mens Resort Wear Online at Bistro St. Tropez


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