Seven Best Beaches of Phuket

Seven Best Beaches of Phuket

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Bistro St Tropez’s unique brand of boys and mens board shorts designs are inspired by the beachside tropical paradise holiday destinations of Bali and Phuket.

Here are seven of the best Phuket beaches influencing Bistro St Tropez’s clothing line.


Seven Best Beaches of Phuket

Patong Beach: An in-your-face Phuket experience


Patong Beach is the crown jewel of Phuket’s iconic tropical waterfront locations providing the central starting location for all holiday makers looking to dip their toes in the Phuket beachside vacation experience.

Patong forms the major tourist hub offering the greatest variety of sightseeing opportunities and island activities.

A short songthaew ride from the beach will take you to a huge variety of restaurants, tourist attractions and, of course, the heart of the island’s party scene.

Patong Beach is three kilometres of pristine white sand stretching the length of the city’s western side.

The beach is the major eye-catching and tropical beauty drawcard of the tourist centre, so it’s busy.

But it’s also where you’ll also find many of Phuket’s most famous and popular and renowned attractions, without having to go off the beaten track.

Karon Beach: Calmer, subtle and family friendly

Karon Beach


Phuket is also versatile, so if you’d like to turn it down a dial and escape the crowds and relative chaos of Patong, you’ll want to head to Karon Beach.

It will allow for less of the tourist glitz and glamour Phuket is renowned for, generally attracting families and loyally consistent flows of tropical beach-hungry Scandinavian tourists.

Karon Beach is a long stretch of white sand, providing more remoteness from large hoards of tourists, as well as snorkelling and water sports, while a Buddhist temple hosts regular markets not far away.

There is still a spattering of beach clubs, resort complexes and shopping opportunities nearby, but it remains a far more subtle Phuket experience.

Kata Beach: Phuket’s surfing hotspot

Kata Beach


Those heading to Phuket with board in tow know Kata Beach is the tropical island’s unrivalled king location for surfing.

Kata Beach hosts Phuket’s longest-running surfing contest, and the week-long Phuket King’s Cup Regatta - one of Asia’s biggest and most popular regattas.

But while Kata Beach attracts surfers of all abilities and water sports enthusiasts, the famous stretch also provides plenty for those less inclined to take on Phuket’s best waves.

Kata’s location means the waters can also be comparatively calm, offering picturesque turquoise water, postcard-perfect sunsets and some of the most iconic tropical beach views on the island.

Shopping is an option here, while Kata provides one of the better food and restaurant beach destinations in Phuket.

Nai Thon Beach: As untouched as Phuket gets

Nai Thon Beach


While Phuket has fast become a tropical island icon location attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world annually, there are still a few beaches on the island remaining all-but untouched and pristine.

Nai Thon Beach is one of the handful of beaches where holidaymakers can find the rare tropical beachside seclusion many look for, without the resort or commercial development along side.

A natural treasure, Nai Thon Beach accompanies some of the few remaining acreage of natural Thai jungle remaining on the island, if you’re willing to wander off the beaten track.

Phuket’s natural beauty is on full show here, meaning there are few better and more accessible places for scuba diving and jungle exploring than Nai Thon.

Bangtao Beach: Phuket variety in one location

Bangtao Beach


Bangtao Beach offers one of Phuket’s longest tropical stretches of beach and perhaps the most preeminent array of choice and variety when it comes to the island’s beachside offerings.

One of the island’s largest and well equipped resort complexes is located alongside much of Bangtao Beach, where tourists can be amused, relaxed and occupied within the comfort of their accommodation.

However, there are still untapped areas of this six-kilometre length of pristine white sands where its natural tropical beauty is yet to be occupied with commercial development, and where beach goers can find quiet and secluded sun kissed hideaways.

The area is one of the more notable spa regions of Phuket (though they can be found everywhere), and adrenaline junkies will also appreciate the nearby Anthem Wake Park.

Kamala Beach: Original Phuket experience, tucked between tourist hotspots

Kamala Beach


The relatively untouched Kamala Beach is nestled between rainforest-covered mountains and the iconic beach hotspots of Surin and Patong Beaches.

The beach is located next to a small fishing village off the beaten track and is often described by the few tourists venturing there as one of Phuket’s best kept secrets, and what Phuket used to be.

While it’s home to the notorious beach club Cafe Del Mar, Kamala Beach is still a tropical and unspoiled departure from many of the other beaches on the island, attracting holidaying locals and Phuket enthusiasts long visiting the tropical island paradise before the rise of the beach club and resort culture

Resort-style tourism and shopping is not a drawcard here, instead attracting older beach goers and nature aficionados.

Surin Beach: High-class attractions and high-rolling tourists

Surin Beach


While Surin is home to one of Phuket’s smallest stretches of tropical beach, it’s unique brand packs a punch compared to the island’s other high-tourist traffic areas.

Surin Beach is where the high rollers come to play, with lots of the finest Phuket has to offer being packed into this small one-kilometre stretch of pristine coastline.

Surin Beach is less of a tourist mecca and more of a long-term stay for the ultra rich, with much of the high-end infrastructure devoted to celebrity residential dwellings.

These regulars make Surin a must-visit beach if you’re also looking to enjoy Phuket’s more refined and elegant clubs, restaurants and resorts.


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