Visit Five Best Beach Clubs of Phuket within 20 minutes

Visit Five Best Beach Clubs of Phuket within 20 minutes

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Best Phuket Beach Clubs

Bistro St Tropez’s unique brand of boys and mens board shorts designs are inspired by the beachside tropical paradise holiday destinations of Bali and Phuket. 

Here are five of the best Phuket beach clubs influencing Bistro St Tropez’s clothing line.


Catch Beach Club: The original Phuket beach club

Catch Beach Club
IMAGE: Catch Beach Club

Catch Beach Club on Bang Tao Beach is the original and some say, the best beach club Phuket has to offer.

Catch set the beachside bar complex trend that would come to define the island, paving the way for a flurry of similar establishments being built in the years following.

Name recognition and reputation means Catch is always busy and buzzing, but it continues to set the example for the competition as one of the most versatile beach clubs in Phuket, offering a scene and atmosphere for all tastes throughout the day and into the night.

Families and holidaymakers can enjoy the sun, the Andaman Sea beachfront views and make the most of the two bars, pool, cabanas, spa treatments and al fresco dining during the day.

While Catch effortlessly morphs into its notorious party scene at night to offer partygoers an unrivalled Phuket beachside clubbing experience.

Although it’s changed locations since its original years, Catch Beach Club still remains on one of the longest stretches of beach at Bangtao and amongst the largest resort complexes on the island.


Cafe Del Mar: Phuket’s famous tropicana party venue

Cafe Del Mar
IMAGE: Cafe Del Mar

Arguably Phuket’s most popular beach-side club, Cafe Del Mar on Kamala Beach is the venue attracting the most party-going groups.

The island icon previously relied heavily on the reputation of its iconic Ibiza-based namesake venue, but Cafe Del Mar’s Phuket franchise has since become a well established brand in its own right.

Like many of the other beach clubs on the island, Cafe Del Mar sticks with the well-worked formula of contrasting day time and night time activities.

Cool off at the pool and lounging, or sitting at the bar in the hot straw-roofed bar area during the day, before watching Cafe Del Mar come to life during the evening to bring beachside partying lit by a unique blend of fire lanterns and strobe lights.

In fact, the venue’s tropical motif is what makes Cafe Del Mar stand out, fitting the Phuket vernacular with a rustic finish and a thatched-roof main bar drawing in any passing reveller to enjoy its relaxed vibes.

Contrasting day and night experiences while maintaining that concept of rustic tropicana is enough to satisfy any visitor, even if you’re having to share the club’s facilities with large numbers of newly arrived travellers eager to immerse themselves in the Phuket party culture.


Dream Beach Club: For the best beachfront experience

Dream Beach Club

Dream Beach Club has an envious advantage over its fellow large-scale beachside party venues, making this one of Phuket’s most popular establishments.

Location is key for Dream, nestled on Layan Beach, which remains of western Phuket’s most tranquil and unspoilt beaches, attracting more locals than tourists.
Even better is Dream Beach Club’s status as one of the very few venues on the island still remaining beach-side, rather than hidden above the sand and in amongst the trees.

Incorporating access to one of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches all day and into the evening means Dream’s VIP pool-side cabanas, jacuzzis and over 100 sunbeds are a premium choice compared to its competition.
Dream also focuses on staff service, quality food and value for money - cocktails by the jug are the choice of regulars.

Dream generally aims to provide chilled vibes and a relaxing atmosphere, so there’s less raves than other Phuket venues.

However, Dream Beach Club is part of the New York City-based Dream brand, renowned for providing quality party venues.

So, while Dream makes a hero of its location, it still periodically hosts large-scale parties, generally headlining their events with imported international headline acts, including Ministry of Sound.


Xana Beach Club: Phuket partying with Mediterranean flavours

Xana Beach Club

Xana Beach Club is one of the more unique locations on the famous Bang Tao Beach strip, making a hero of the beach, while departing from Phuket’s natural mystique and taking revellers to the Greek Isles.
It’s a party hot spot, but the food is a large part of Xana’s popularity, with high-quality cuisine and drinks menus matching the Mediterranean decor and design.
The giant swim up bar and terrace is the centrepiece complimented by a sea of white, coastal and clean decor offering the feeling of elite exclusivity and luxury.
The extra touches and obvious focus on embracing the wealthy lifestyle are also noticeable and appreciated by the regulars, including the high-calibre poolside beds, none stick flooring and picnic baskets in the cabanas.
More importantly though there are plenty of open spaces to mingle and beach access provides another quality location for relaxing during the day.
Like many of the beach clubs around Phuket, Xena knows how to provide a seamless experience transition taking revellers from relaxing day experience to night time fun.
What makes Xena the best exponent of the mood changer is it’s famous sound system and music choices, which are key in molding the perfect atmosphere and executing the all-important subtle crescendo as the day wears on and the evening begins.


HQ Beach Lounge: All weather, all occasions

HQ Beach Lounge
IMAGE: HQ Beach Lounge

Remotely located at the northern end of Kamala Beach, HQ Lounge has some unusual traits making the venue one of the most accessible in all of Phuket.
HQ is one of the few all-weather locations, designed to be able to cater for the tropical evening rains and the humid sun-drenched afternoons.

All-year round comfort is what draws people to HQ, but the hero of the lounge is the healthy stretch of secluded beachfront, exclusive to the lounge with its nearest neighbours around 250 metres away.

HQ Beach Lounge’s comparatively sterile complex entrance from the roadside will have visitors question what’s to come, only to find impressive features including a large indoor bar section, opening up to a huge white owning and bar.
Holidaymakers embrace the joy of consumption at HQ, thanks in particular to the lounge’s focus on providing a large fine food selection and an unrivalled drinks selection.

The main entertainment area is hugged by tall stalking trees, beautifully respectful and complimentary of its picturesque location offering ambience and phenomenal views at sunset.

What makes this a unique venue is further celebrated on weekends, when HQ really comes to life to throw some outrageous parties lasting well into the night.

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