Exclusive Bali Board Short Brand “Bistro St Tropez”

Exclusive Balinese Board Short Brand “Bistro St Tropez” is Now Available for Purchase in Australia

Bistro St Tropez has brought their premium line of men’s and children’s board shorts to Australia for the first time ever, making their luxury brand of swimwear available to a country graced with a seemingly endless list of prominent beaches.

Balinese apparel specialists Bistro St Tropez has announced that they are bringing their line of swimwear to Australian locals and casual beach goers.

Bistro St Tropez board shorts have been available direct through their retail “Saint Tropez” stores in Seminyak Bali for many years and have been popular with visitors from all around the world.

Originally branded Saint Tropez, they have recently rebranded to Bistro St Tropez so that they can grow the business globally, with the first extension into the lucrative Australian market.

Available for both men and children, Bistro St Tropez offers a wide variety of board shorts, swimwear and beach wear for all water and beach-based activities - excelling in comfort, style and affordability.

The company is pleased to declare that they have arrived in Australia and will be making all of their products available for purchase, allowing Australians to experience the feel of Bali.

Quality Boardshorts That Bring The Authentic Feel Of Bali

Bistro St Tropez board shorts are designed to live up to the high standards set by Bali beach lovers, who require board shorts to have high functionality, comfort and a superior style.

Bringing the culture of Bali to the rest of the world is one of Bistro St Tropez’s primary objectives, and Australia is next on the list to experience one of Bali’s leading swimwear brands first hand.

Bistro St Tropez launch marks a turning point where upmarket brands meet affordability, providing exceptional apparel at competitive prices. A variety of styles will be made available to Australian customers to cater to every summer lover's fashion sensibilities.

Board shorts sold in plain, tropical, flag, candy, hibiscus, parrot, flamingo, nautical, and tortoise styles are all available for purchase at http://old.bistrosttropez.com.au/shop/.

Bistro St Tropez board shorts are designed and crafted in Bali, an area of the world that is synonymous with beach culture. Bali is well known as a surfing destination that National Geographic included it in their list of the World’s 20 Best Surf Towns.

Design and comfort are imperative in high-functioning board shorts, and the professionals who devised Bistro St Tropez brand know first hand what is required to create exceptional swimwear.


Operated out of Bali, Bistro St Tropez manufactures premium board shorts and swimwear for children and adults.

We specialise in functionality and comfort, making sure that every pair of shorts lives up to the high standards set by Bali beachgoers.

Embracing the culture and feel of Bali, each Bistro board short is designed to remind the wearer of where the board short originated from, helping them to embrace the intangible. 

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