Bali: The Birthplace of Bistro St Tropez Board Shorts

Bali: The Birthplace of Bistro St Tropez Board Shorts

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Bali: The Birthplace of Bistro St Tropez Board Shorts

Bali, Indonesia is a place where we’d all like to be right now. It’s also the birthplace of one of Bali’s best known surf wear and beach wear companies, Bistro St Tropez.

Known for their commitment to quality products and taking you to that place that makes you feel good. And Bali sure makes that list of places. It really is a destination where relaxation takes over from work and you can take a break from the hectic city life we all live in these days.

As soon as you step out from the airport, the smell of franjapani and humidity hit you hard giving you that immediate high. You say to yourself, “It doesn’t get any better than this”.

It’s easy to get to your hotel from the airport these days with a multitude of cabs ready and waiting. While cabs generally are inexpensive and very rarely will you pay more than 50,000IRP ($5 AUD), your trip from the airport will be an exception.

The prices are pretty set for this trip depending on where you are staying. If you’re staying in Kuta or Legian expect to pay 150,000 IRP ($15 AUD) or Seminyak may cost slightly more.

You may have been able to organise hotel transfers included in your hotel package and they’ll be waiting for you as you step out.

There are some basic key greetings and pleasantries that you should get to know and use as it will make your trip more enjoyable. Here are a few that are important:

Selamat Pagi (Pagi)              Good morning

Selamat Siang                    Good afternoon (12.00pm -3.00pm)

Selamat Sore                       Good afternoon (3.00pm – 6.00pm/dark)

Selamat Malam                   Good evening

Apa kabar                            How are you?

Kabar baik (Baik)                 I’m good thanks

Anda Baigamanna               And you?

It’s also good to get to know what “big” and “small” is because I’m sure you will be ordering many Bintangs and they come in two sizes.

Satu Bintang kecil               One small Bintang

Dua Bintang besar              Two large Bintangs

One last thing to have in your kitbag is how to say thank you.

Terima Kasih                        Thank you (Indonesian)

Suksma                                Thank you (Balinese)

You are now well prepared for an enjoyable trip in one of the great travel destinations. Whether you’re on a surfing trip or just chilling out and enjoying the sights you’ll now feel and look like a pro.

Selamat Jalan (Have a good trip!)

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