Splash and Style: Sentosa Island's Hottest Swimwear Trends

Splash and Style: Sentosa Island's Hottest Swimwear Trends

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When we think about a vacation in Singapore, a lot of things cross our minds. Yes, skyscrapers and finance have mostly been the talk of the town, but cultural diversity is also taking its place. Attractions, shopping, and amazing activities are also there. So, when you are planning a trip to Singapore, remember the major attraction: Sentosa Island. 

This island is a man-made beach offering tons of activities and attractions for locals and tourists. The man-made beach, however, invites a lot of sporty people. Swimmers and people who love the pool in the summer are welcome there. But it leaves them with the concern of swimwear. 

So, before taking a splash in style, let us help you know Sentosa's swimwear trends through this article. 

Prepare for Sentosa Island

There are 2 important preparations you will need to spend quality time on Sentosa Island. 

  • Weather-Appropriate Clothing: Sentosa's weather is notoriously hot and humid throughout the summer, so tourists should dress accordingly and leave earlier (or later) in the day to avoid the sun when it is at its fiercest.

  • Carry an Umbrella: Singapore's weather can swiftly change from bright to rainy, so travellers should be prepared and bring an umbrella just in case.

Sentosa's Swimwear Trends For Men 

We get it. Swimming costumes offer style, comfort, and moderate coverage. But shorts or suits? Well, today, the demand is more for swim shorts. Swim shorts differ from fitting briefs and longer boxer shorts because they have a loose, relaxed fit comparable to classic shorts. Swim shorts are incredibly popular due to their adaptability. 

They are ideal for beach activities such as beach volleyball, strolling along the shore, or having a family picnic. Furthermore, the mesh linings within the swim briefs ensure all-day support. 

So, what is the trend for comfortable board shorts for beach activities? Let’s find out. 

  • Formal 

In the future, men's swimwear trends will be more fitted than drawstring, with a more formal aesthetic. Well, as formal as you can get while sticking your toes in the sand. 

Tailored trunks, whether in a monochrome or bright print, can take you from the beach to the bar without making you uncomfortable.

  • Floral Patterns

Floral patterns? On swimwear? Are you serious? Well, why the hell not? This might not be a surprise for you, but flower patterns are catching the eye. It can get stuck in the head for a long time. 

When you are planning swimming fun on Sentosa Island, go for floral designs in bright colours. You can choose the designs that fit your mood and be subtle about the style. 

  • Jazz it Up

Intricate, jazzy, and abstract patterns are popular in swimwear these days. We're talking all-over designs that highlight tans and add a spark of colour to your holiday attire. 

If you're hesitant to try new patterns, now is the time to start. After all, swim shorts are one of the few clothing items that can be worn with almost anything.

  • Bright Colors

Quick-dry swimming trunks for men can look great in bright colours. While neutrals remain popular, vibrant hues are making a comeback. For example, expect to see many males sporting swimming trunks in pink, blue, red, and green.

  • Sporty Shorts

These are the types of shorts that often work just as well outside of the pool or squat rack. They come in narrow cuts and short, sporty styles that look great with sneakers, polos, and T-shirts.

Indeed, if you're looking for shorts that can be worn for walking, running, and swimming, these could be your only alternative.

  • Monochrome Tone

Yes, we talked about the bright colours, but a monochrome tone is the best choice if you are trying to keep it formal. Monochrome tones may not be the first thing that comes to mind when shopping for a new pair of swim shorts, but plenty of designers want to change your opinion.

This summer, shades of black, grey, and white are popular, providing males with unparalleled variety. These are the type of shorts you can swim in and then toss on any colour top and shoes without thinking twice about it. 

There is no concern about colour clashing or looking out of place. People will likely mistake them for regular shorts, but you'll be able to wear them to a cafe or even a restaurant for lunch. 

  • SPF Rashguards

If you want to avoid sunburn, you can wear Rashguards. These swimwear are the best way to keep yourself safe from the sun. Besides, if you plan to swim long hours, look for rash guards offering UPF 50+ protection. 

  • Matching family swimwear

If you are travelling with the family, you can swim in style by choosing matching family swimwear. The same pattern and shorts for the boys and father, along with the lady's swimsuit, are in the same pattern. 

Choosing the right Swimwear for Sentosa Island

When choosing the best swimming trunks for men, you must know the suitability for your body type.

  • If you have a strong physique, you can select a pair of swim trunks that are slightly tighter. This will assist you to show off your muscles.
  • If you have a slimmer figure, you might choose slightly looser swim trunks. This will help balance your figure.
  • If you have a round belly, pick swim trunks with a drawstring waist. This will assist your stomach stay in place. 

Bottom Line 

When you know the trends, it also comes down to your preference and body type. However, as for the shorts per Sentosa's swimwear trends, we at BISTRO ST. TROPEZ has the best collection to offer. 

From amazing colours to great jazzy and floral patterns, we have it all in all sizes. Shop now for you and your boys to make your adventure memorable. 

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