5 Must-Have Features in Men's Boardshorts for Your Phi Phi Island Getaway

5 Must-Have Features in Men's Boardshorts for Your Phi Phi Island Getaway

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In the last few decades, boardshorts have become popular among tourists, athletes, and even routine dads. Usually, the Men’s board shorts are something that no one would care about the quality. But the times are changing, boys look into its features as the durability, high quality of fabric and a lot of other things matter a lot. 


Moreover, if you are planning a simmer swimming session on Phi Phi Island with your boys, you need something cool and also functional.


The Island is all about the beaches, so it will definitely be full of games aside from the water and under the shining hot sun. So, you need board shorts that are light yet quick-drying to ensure you pack light. 


But what features are a must to consider for the Phi Phi Island Getaway Surfing plan? Let’s find it out together. 

5 Significant Features to consider for Men’s shorts for the Phi Phi Island Fun trip 

There is a lot of talk online, but only a few genuine suggestions giving your good advice. Our experts and experienced customers give the following recommendations for factors to consider when buying board shorts for men. 

  • Lining

Swim shorts should feature an interior lining to keep everything in its proper place when swimming. Most swim shorts contain an inner mesh lining that is trimmed and fashioned like a brief. Linings may or may not be included with some boardshorts; this is determined by personal desire and style.

  • Pockets

The best boardshorts for Phi Phi Island typically contain pockets on the front, sides, back, and within the mesh lining. Some of these pockets even include zips for storing waterproof goods while swimming. 

  • Drawstrings

You can never expect Australian Shorts to get undone while you are board surfing—flying away the waves. Therefore, you need to look for a pair of shorts with a secure closure, such as a drawstring or Velcro waistband. 

Drawstrings are typically sewn into the waistband of elastic-waist boardshorts or briefs, enabling users to customize their fit and keep everything in place when swimming. We recommend including drawstring ends, such as metal toggles, to minimize fraying and improve quality. 

  • Look for Quick-Drying Fabric: 

The most important feature that many men forget about is quick-drying fabric. You are on the beach, and you're going to spend most of your time in and out of the water, so, less time to change. 

If you choose boardshorts made of nylon or polyester, they can quickly dry the fabric and wick away moisture in minutes.

  • Grommet/Eyelet

Sand or water can get stuck in boardshorts, so this grommet feature helps to get them out. It can be applied to the shorts' body or pockets. Just look out for it, especially when you are shopping for shorts.

Tips on Choosing the Right Boardshorts for Your Phi Phi Island Adventure 

Adventures are only fun when you have the right outfit for it, and for the Phi Phi Island fun trip with your family, you need the best Mens Shorts. 

Above are the features that are must-haves in the Men’s boardshorts. But you need to focus on some additional features, too. They might not be too important for everyone, but they are significant for a relaxing day out in the sun while playing and surfing at the beaches of Phi Phi Island. 

While you're enjoying the great scenery of it, you also need to look for the following features in it. 

So, here are some of the additional tips for you to keep in mind when buying tropical shorts for a suitable Island getaway: 

  • Consider the length: 

Resort shorts or board shorts are available in various lengths, so you just have to choose the one suitable for you. Whether you are a sporty person or like to look stylish and cool, the length depends on your comfort zone and your activity level on Phi Phi Island. 

  • Think about the fit: 

Boardshorts need to fit perfectly. Too tight can limit movement, and too loose can be uncomfortable and may not match your cool personality. So, choose the size that fits just fine. 

  • Lace-up tie

Board shorts without an elastic waist feature a stiffer waistband that opens in the front, frequently with a velcro fly. This waistline is fastened with a lace-up tie. This 'double fail-safe' method aids swimmers, especially surfers, because it keeps the shorts from being dragged off by the waves during a wipeout.

  • Sun Protection: 

The sun is going to be hot on the Island, so be aware of the feature in boardshorts that prevent you from too much tanning. The pair with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) can protect your skin from harmful UV rays. 

Bottom Line 

With a little planning, you can find the perfect pair of board shorts for your Phi Phi Island adventure. So pack your bags, grab your board shorts, and get ready for an unforgettable trip. If you want patterned Men's Boardshorts, you can also explore the wide collection of BISTRO ST. TROPEZ.  


Flowery patterns, simple and classic shorts, and a lot more types of board shorts are available. All you need is to select the ones you love and place an order right away. 


Visit the website for quick shopping before you hop on the plane for the Phi Phi Island Adventure. 

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