A Guide to the Best Beaches on Sentosa Island and the Perfect Swim Shorts

A Guide to the Best Beaches on Sentosa Island and the Perfect Swim Shorts

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Some people might say that mountains are calling, but in the scorching heat, it is the pools that are more interesting to you. So, if you are a swimmer or want to stroll around the beaches or play with your friends, Sentosa Island has the best beaches waiting for you. 

These tropical beaches are welcoming for families, and to have some special addition to your swimming and surfing fun, remember to keep your best men's swim shorts with you. 

But wait. Do you know everything about the beaches yet? If not, there is nothing to worry about, as we are here to help you with everything you must know about the Sentosa Island beaches, swim shorts, and tropical shorts. 

Let’s talk and explore together!

Best 3 Beaches of Sentosa Island - Things to Land for Sentosa Island Beaches

If you're not sure what you can do on the beaches of Sentosa, let us help you with some basic knowledge and fun activities to do there. 

  • Silosa Beach 

  • It's Sentosa's most popular beach! Stepping onto the beach area, known as a thrill-seeker's playground, transports you to an exciting coastal vacation. Activities available include bungee jumping at AJ Hackett, zip-lining at Mega Adventure Park, indoor skydiving, and water-jet packing at Ola Beach Club. 

    And while it's a terrific spot for adrenaline junkies, it's also a great site for visitors looking to relax and interact with people. So, all you need is your perfect plan, along with tropical and resort swim shorts to enjoy the beach at your best. 

  • Palawan Beach

  • If you are traveling with children, Palawan Beach is the ideal destination. Palawan Beach is one of Sentosa Island's most popular beaches, and for good cause. 

    It boasts smooth white sand, crystal blue sea, and thick palm trees to create a tropical atmosphere. You can lay down in your swim shorts for men and enjoy the sun while mingling with other people. Palawan Beach also has some of Sentosa's greatest family attractions and activities.

  • Tanjong Beach

  • Tanjong Beach, in contrast to the more busy beaches on Sentosa Island, provides a tranquil and relaxed ambiance. It's perfect for individuals looking for peace and quiet on the beach. There are plenty of bars and clubs to go to, as well as nature excursions. 

    Even if you just want to walk around and click romantic pictures, get yourself matching family swimwear so you can all twin. 

    Regardless of what you plan for the beaches, having nice swimwear shorts is a necessity for you. 

    But, How To Choose The Right Swim Shorts For Men?

    If you are not sure how to choose the right swim shorts for your beach adventure, here are a few tips of it:

  • Choose The Right Length

  • There are several lengths available depending on your requirements, but your personal preference is always the most important element. If you want your legs to feel free and immersed in the water, low-waisted shorts or briefs are the best choice. If you want to cover up further, you can go with knee-length jammers.

  • Choose Summer Colors for Your Men’s Swimwear

  • Summer is the perfect time to wear color, and it's especially important on Sentosa. So, it's time to take a risk and escape the dismal and dark colors of our daily lives. Do not be afraid to wear bright colors that will make you feel like you're on vacation. 

    The options are plentiful: red, green, or blue. For a simple and effective style, use traditional plain beach shorts. However, darker or more intense colors have a propensity to fade with time.

  • Mid-thigh Drawstring Trunks Look Good on Everyone

  • They're the equivalent of a woman's one-piece tank — neither too scant nor too covered up — so they're foolproof. Every man should have at least one. Look for an adjustable drawstring waist to help with weight fluctuations, a mesh lining, and a pleasing color. 

    Shades of blue look great on every skin tone, whereas brilliant red, orange, or green create a statement and help you stand out in the sea or crowd. Big guys who are stocky or meaty and wish to look leaner should go a size up (not down) from their typical trouser size and allow the adjustable drawstring waistline to do the work. It should fit gently snugly but not so tight that it pinches, and any love handles will overflow.

  • Choose Swim Briefs for Swimming

  • Men's swim briefs are short, tight fitting, and have a high leg cut. This sort of swimwear is ideal if you want to swim or sunbathe without covering your upper legs. They are comfortable and unrestrictive, especially if you prefer playing beach volleyball. The high leg cut visibly stretches the legs, making short men appear taller.

    Bottom Line 

    Finally, planning a vacation to Sentosa Island and need men's swim shorts or Singapore swimming trunks? Get your amazing collection of shorts from one of the best BISTRO ST. TROPEZ. All you need is the right vacation plan with family or with boys. Just plan it right for the beaches with the colorful and printed pattern on your shorts. 

    We have all the lengths and sizes you need. Just explore and find the right taste for your personality. We are here to make your Sentosa Island trip successful and complete. Order shorts for you and your boys now.

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