Striped Board Shorts

Board shorts, Swimwear, resort wear
A classic staple for summer, striped boards shorts have been an ongoing trend for decades. What started back in 1969 as the first technical pair of men's board shorts quickly turned into a revolutionary way for men to express their sense of style and love for summer vibes in total comfort.

 Add on the stripes, and these board shorts represent the iconic style of surfers, the navy, fishermen, and water-lovers across the globe. But where do you look for the perfect pair?

Bistro St Tropez has become a popular brand choice for men's and boys board shorts with their exclusive designs.


Simplicity Meets Style

Board shorts, Swimwear, resort wear

With a very simple yet stylish design, Bistro St Tropez offers their striped board shorts in a wide range of colour combinations, but all are equally fashionable and comfortable.

It's hard to go wrong with a dedicated and passionate brand like this, which started with the goal of giving summer lovers a refreshingly stylish way to swim and enjoy the sun.

Stripes are one of our long-time favourite patterns that we wanted to share with you all. Their simple and versatile design gives you the freedom to feel practical while wearing such a classic.



Board shorts, Swimwear, resort wear

It's not just about the looks, though that is important, but also the way board shorts are made that makes them so special.

Bistro St Tropez uses a meticulous design process featuring 100% microfiber polyamide material. This fabric dries incredibly fast, so you can get in and out of the water in total comfort. The 100% nylon mesh lining adds durability for continuous wear and tear, so you can enjoy them all summer long without complaint.

A cotton drawstring and thread with a metal toggle and elasticized waist is included with all of our board shorts for that extra touch of practicality. This convenient stretch and mid-length cut above the knee provides freedom of movement when you need it most.

Run, swim, jump, roll around in the sand, cruise on a boat, sunbathe, and so much more without limits. When you need board shorts that are just as functional as they are fashionable, Bistro St Tropez certainly proves worthy.


Mix & Match

Board shorts, Swimwear, resort wear

Bistro St Tropez comes in a selection of styles, including:



This way, you can choose a striped style that suits you the most! In addition to stripes, our store has other patterns and a variety of colours to browse.

These also look perfect when paired with one of our Bistro St Tropez t-shirts, polo shirts, or long sleeve linen shirts.

Get summer-ready with a new outfit and "wear the feeling" at Bistro St Tropez.

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