Looking For Board Shorts In Bali

If you are visiting or living in Bali, board shorts are a must. When you think of any iconic destination known for its surf, sunshine, and summer atmosphere, the number one item in the suitcase is always your board shorts.

Bali is surrounded by warm waters, swimming pools, and beach clubs where you're probably going to end up soaked at some point. That, or you need to get your tan on! This is where your board shorts come in to save the day.

Alternatively, why not buy your new pair of board shorts in Bali? This way, not only are you supporting the locals and trying new designs, but you can take something back home with you and say, "I got this in Bali", as a memorable souvenir!

Bali offers numerous locations that stock our famous range of board shorts, beach shorts, and resort wear, admired for their cosy fit and stylish prints.

But where do you look to buy while holidaying in Bali? Here are our recommendations.


Mens board shorts can be found in the shops across from the famous Mexicola bar and restaurants in Petitenget, Seminyak

Mexicola, Petitenget - Seminyak

Mens board shorts can be found in the shops across from the famous Mexicola bar and restaurants in Petitenget, Seminyak - a popular tourist destination known for its coco palms and exciting swells.

You can enjoy everything Mexicola and Petitenget have to offer, including tasty delights and its wonderful tropical oasis vibe. After that, head on over to get some shopping done and pick up your next pair of board shorts!

Corner House Cafe

Across the road from the iconic Corner House Cafe in Oberio, Seminyak, you can also discover the different mens board shorts brands. The Corner House Cafe is open 365 days a year and provides customers with delicious breakfasts, brunches, lunches, and dinners, giving you a unique Seminyak experience.

This cafe is also home to expats, so if you're looking to reach out to expats, this is the place to be, without a doubt. Make some new acquaintances and then go searching for a new buy!

Wear some stylish new board shorts and make a loud statement - they are bound to capture the attention of a new friend or local.

Seminyak Village and Square are the perfect places to go shopping, especially for Bistro St Tropez board shorts.

Seminyak Village & Seminyak Square

Passionate shoppers will always find themselves in the midst of shopping centres, villages, and squares, especially when searching for high-quality, exclusive ranges, or bargains.

If you're visiting Seminyak, the Seminyak Village and Square are the perfect places to go shopping, especially for Bistro St Tropez board shorts. With board shorts for men, boys, and with such a diverse range of patterns and designs, you are guaranteed to meet your next favourite. This range also comes in many sizes, from boys 4 to men's 3XL, so everyone can enjoy Bistro St Tropez.

Seminyak Village caters to anyone wanting to "shop till they drop," with a variety of retail outlets located in a calm surrounding atmosphere. These include Birkenstock, Lily Jean, Aldo, and, of course, Bistro St Tropez. This is the place to be for relaxed shopping in what seems like a chaotic destination. It is an elegant escape for all like-minded shoppers, and you may even be lucky enough to snag some bargains!

Found within the main district of Seminyak, the Seminyak shopping square features many exclusive restaurants and branded businesses with a comfortable shopping atmosphere. There is even a garden area lined with benches for cosy seating and free Wi-Fi for internet enthusiasts.

Resort Boutiques

In contrast to the busy shopping malls and street shopping strips of Bali, particularly Seminyak, there are resort boutiques that also stock board shorts. With full ranges of both beach shorts and resort wear, including dress shorts, linen long sleeves, and short sleeve shirts, there is a pick for everyone. Dress yourself up to match the theme of the nightlife and summer daytime of Bali by shopping at any of these resort boutiques until you find your dream garments.

Four Seasons

The Four Seasons resort is a beach-front village founded on rich, cultural heritage. With a wide variety of things to do, including eating at the restaurants and bars, enjoying a spa session, or partaking in activities like artist workshops, this is without a doubt a perfect destination to stay on your trip to Bali. Don't forget; you can shop their resort boutiques for Bistro St Tropez, too!

kudeta bistro st tropez mens and boys board shorts available in seminyak bali


Here, it's as if time slows down enough for you to actually breathe and enjoy all of the good things Bali has to offer. The charming resort known for its delicious cuisine and eventful celebrations is found right on Seminyak's shores with a beach-front view. Best of all, you can shop at your own convenience with their variety of resort boutiques, including Bistro St Tropez. 


This luxury hotel in Bali features galleries, quality dining, iconic nightlife, and not to mention boutiques with signature Bistro St Tropez pieces. The atmosphere combines intimacy, sensuality, playfulness, and an abundance of energy to please all personalities and interests. Experience a luxurious hotel vacation like no other with a complete shopping adventure.

Bali can give you the perfect pair of board shorts you've been waiting to

Nikko Bali

Hotel Nikko Bali on Benoa Beach in Bali provides budgeting tourists with affordable beach-front accommodation where all can escape to. Relaxing and tranquil, it is here where you can embrace traditional hospitality and architecture in harmony with the surrounding culture. Among the many available activities, including tours, fruit carving, and aqua aerobics, is their resort boutiques that you definitely don't want to leave out of your itinerary.

Break away from mundane and boring board shorts. Instead, Bali can give you the perfect pair of board shorts you've been waiting to find - one that reflects the lively summer vibe of Bali and will get you inspired to hit the beach.

bistro st tropez mens board shorts australian swim wear brand buy cheap board shorts online

Whatever you’re doing in Bali – catching a wave, swimming, kicking a boogie board, hiking in the jungle, or just hanging out – shorts that stretch and move with you are important. If any one pair was responsible for launching the swimwear-as-shorts movement in 2021, it’d be Bistro St. Tropez.

Discover the extensive range of feature packed board shorts, flashy resort wear, and luxe swimwear – at the most affordable prices anywhere! When venturing into Bali paradise – wear the feeling!

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