Styling Guide: How to Perfectly Pair Your Bistro St Tropez Men's Boardshorts

Styling Guide: How to Perfectly Pair Your Bistro St Tropez Men's Boardshorts

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When it comes to men's beach fashion, boardshorts undoubtedly take centre stage. As a staple of casual and beachwear, the right pair of men's boardshorts not only ensures comfort but also defines your style. Among the myriad of options available, Bistro St Tropez men's boardshorts have carved a unique space for themselves, blending comfort, quality, and stylish patterns. However, getting the perfect look goes beyond just selecting a great pair of boardshorts; it's about how you pair them. Let's delve into the art of pairing your Bistro St Tropez men's boardshorts to elevate your style game.

Solid Colour Men's Boardshorts for a Classic Look

The beauty of Bistro St Tropez men's boardshorts lies in their versatility. Solid colours are an everyday essential that seamlessly fit into any wardrobe. A pair of solid-coloured men's boardshorts, such as classic white, navy blue, or vibrant red, offers a clean, timeless look. Pair these with a simple, well-fitted t-shirt or polo for an understated yet polished appearance. For footwear, opt for a pair of casual loafers or white trainers for a city look, or thongs for a more relaxed, beach-ready outfit.

Nautical Print Men's Boardshorts for Beach Vibes

Channel your inner beach bum with Bistro St Tropez’s range of nautical print men's boardshorts. These pieces echo the rhythm of the sea, making them an excellent choice for a day out on the beach or a yacht party. Pair these unique boardshorts with a crisp, plain white linen shirt or a light blue cotton t-shirt to complement the marine-themed prints. As for footwear, boat shoes or a pair of elegant sandals would complete this look perfectly.

Tropical Print Men's Boardshorts for a Fun, Playful Style

Bistro St Tropez’s tropical print men's boardshorts are perfect for making a bold, playful statement. With prints ranging from vibrant flamingoes to refreshing watermelons, these boardshorts evoke a sense of joy. Pair these shorts with solid coloured t-shirts or singlets in hues that match or complement the prints. For instance, a pastel pink shirt would go wonderfully with flamingo print boardshorts. Pair with simple slides or thongs and a straw hat to perfect your fun-in-the-sun look.

Accessorising Your Men's Boardshorts

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. A classic wristwatch can add a touch of sophistication to your boardshorts, while a trendy pair of sunnies is not just practical for a sunny day out, but also ups your style quotient. Don't forget, a stylish beach bag is an essential accessory for your beach outfit. And for those cooler evenings, a lightweight linen shirt or jacket can complement your men's boardshorts while keeping you warm.

The Bistro St Tropez Philosophy

The essence of the Bistro St Tropez philosophy lies in offering comfort and style in every pair of men's boardshorts. While it's great to follow the trends, it’s essential to feel comfortable in what you're wearing. Choose clothes that make you feel confident and reflect your personality.

Styling your Bistro St Tropez men's boardshorts is all about experimenting with different looks to see what works best for you. Whether you’re going for a relaxed, classic look with solid colours, a playful, tropical vibe with our unique prints, or a breezy, nautical style, there’s a pair of Bistro St Tropez men's boardshorts for every occasion. Visit our collection today at and discover your perfect style.

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