Bali Named Top Travel Destination for Aussie Tourists

It’s been approximately 16 months since travel restrictions were lifted and people could resume international travel as they please – and Australians aren’t wasting any time using their vacation days to hop on a plane and enjoy a relaxing vacation. So, where are most Aussies jetting off to these days? And what are the must-visit locations when they arrive at their destination? We’re going to explore all of this and more, so read on to find out about the hottest current travel destination for Australian tourists, as well as the must-visit locations and which Bistro St. Tropez pieces to pack for the trip. 

Back to Bali

Data collected by travel provider Expedia revealed that Bali is currently the number one holiday hotspot for Australian travellers. In fact, around 352,000 visits were made by Australian tourists to Bali in 2022 alone. And the numbers in 2023 remain strong, with data from the Head of the Central Statistics Agency for Bali Province revealing that 91,244 Australian travellers visited Bali in January 2023.

But what makes Bali such a popular destination for Aussies to visit? Well, Expedia’s Senior Director Daniel Finch said destinations only a direct flight away were the most popular, making Bali the clear choice for many Australians looking to enjoy a tropical getaway. Explaining further, Daniel says, “Bali has always been a popular holiday spot for Australians, so it’s no surprise that Bali remains the top destination for travellers since international borders reopened.” And you may be surprised to hear about some of the locations that Bali replaced as top tourist destinations.

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Who Bali Beat Out

According to the same data provided by Expedia, London came second, followed by Fiji, for popularity among Australian tourists. Not only that, but Bali beat out other highly popular destinations such as Singapore, Los Angeles, Hawaii’s Oahu, Bangkok, Paris, Auckland, and Dubai. This is extremely impressive, considering that these locations see millions of tourists from around the world each year. So, if you’re an Australian considering booking your own ticket to Bali, what are some of the major destinations that need to make your vacation itinerary?

Bali Hot Spots to Check Out

First up on our list of must-visit locations is Canggu, which has been hailed as the new ‘it’ place for Aussies visiting Bali. Canggu is a small coastal resort village situated right along the oceanfront on the south coast of Bali. Known for its immaculate sandy beaches and pulsating nightlife scene, it also boasts many new bars, restaurants, and resorts for tourists to enjoy. Regarding our recommendations on what to do in Canggu, take your pick! From surfing to hiking, exploring, and more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this stunning tropical destination. If you’re preparing for your next visit to Canggu and want to read further information and recommendations, check out our recent blog post here.

If Canggu isn’t quite your pace, why not visit the ever-popular Seminyak on Bali’s west coast? Seminyak is a mixed tourist and residential area that features many luxury hotels, villas, and spas, as well as high-end shopping and restaurants. Between the awe-inspiring beaches, sacred temples, fantastic food, and captivating culture, Seminyak will not only enrich your mind but fill your heart, which is why we’ve included it here on our list of must-visit locations throughout Bali. Interested in learning more about all the best places to go in Seminyak? We made a full blog post that you can read here.

Third up on our list of Bali hot spots you should check out is Nusa Dua, a resort area in the southern part of Bali located about 40 km from Denpasar. Nusa Dua is famous for its water sports, including jet skiing, parasailing, diving, surfing, and even banana boat rides, making it the perfect destination for lovers of water-based activities. Beyond water sports, Nusa Dua is a sprawling enclave of international luxury hotels, deluxe spas, exclusive golf courses, and world-class convention centres purposely built to showcase the island’s beauty with a touch of luxury. Although we don’t have an entire blog dedicated to what to expect when visiting Nusa Dua, you can read all about the best beaches in Bali, including Nusa Dua Beach, here.

Finally, Kuta is the perfect destination for those looking to escape the hum-drum of everyday life and experience something new and exciting. Located on Bali’s busy southwestern coast, it’s known for being one of the best places to enjoy Bali’s famous sunsets, as well as being a favourite surfing coast since the 1970s. With numerous activities to enjoy, including things like Waterbom Bali, one of the best and longest-running waterparks on the island, and Kuta’s Sea Turtle Conservation Centre, you’ll never run out of family-friendly things to do in Kuta. But don’t worry, Kuta also has a thriving nightlife scene for those looking to tip back a Bintang and let loose. To learn more about what kinds of free activities Bali has to offer, peruse our full blog post here.

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Final Thoughts

Bali has always been a holiday hot spot for Australians looking to get away without having to go too far, thanks to its close proximity, vibrant culture, and numerous activities to enjoy. Beating out places like London, Fiji, and Paris, Bali continues to dominate the luxury vacation industry as one of the best locations for Aussies to experience and enjoy. From Canggu to Seminyak, Nusa Dua, and Kuta, the sandy beaches, exotic traditions, and intoxicating nightlife will entertain and enchant you. And as always, don’t forget to come prepared on your next trip to Bali with a vacation wardrobe that includes your favourite pair of board shorts and resort wear from Bistro St. Tropez!

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