Styling Our Linen Shirts on Your Next Tropical Getaway

So, your flights are booked, your resort is reserved, and your bag is packed… almost. Of course, you’ve already set aside your favourite Bistro St. Tropez board shorts, but what about resort wear? We know that finding resort wear that is both classy and comfortable can be challenging, which is why we designed our very own collection with you in mind! So, let’s upgrade your vacation wardrobe as we look at different ways of styling our linen shirts on your next tropical getaway.

Short Sleeve Linen Shirt


Our White Short Sleeve Linen Shirt is an absolute vacation wardrobe must-have for heading out to a warm destination such as Bali or Phuket. The linen shirt is completely breathable, while the light colour helps reflect the sun away from you rather than absorbing it, which helps keep you cool and dry as you enjoy the pool, beach, and surf. One of our favourite ways to style our White Short Sleeve Linen Shirt is with something like our Stripe Combi Board Shorts in navy and white to achieve that nautical vibe without being too over the top. Of course, if you prefer a more graphic short to pair with such a simplistic coloured top, our Skull and Cactus Board Shorts might also be an excellent option.


Regardless of what anyone tries to tell you, men can wear pink too, making it the perfect addition to your vacation wardrobe before you jet off on your next adventure. Our Pink Short Sleeve Linen Shirt is a simple yet stylish design that is not only flattering on all body types but is a versatile piece that can easily go from day to night. For example, you might wear it with our Odd Stripes Board Shorts to build a sandcastle on the beach before switching into our Keats Original Resort Shorts in charcoal and wearing it out for a nice dinner. Plus, we’ll let you in on a little secret – women love a man who can rock a pink shirt with confidence.


Not sure what to wear on your next excursion or day trip during your vacation to Bali or Phuket? Why not slip on our Navy Short Sleeve Linen Shirt? Hand-made in Bali, our linen shirts are of unparalleled quality and are ready to see you through whatever your getaway may throw at you. Visiting a local market in Phuket? Pair our Navy Short Sleeve Linen Shirt with our Starfish Bold Board Shorts for a trendy, standout ensemble. Perhaps you’re going to explore the natural beauty of Bali and just want to be comfortable – in which case you might choose our Bistro Club Track Shorts in Gray Marl to accompany your navy linen shirt. No matter how you choose to style our linen short sleeve shirts, they are designed to move with you while providing all-day comfort and protection.

Long Sleeve Linen Shirt


Red is the colour associated with heat, activity, and passion, making our Red Long Sleeve Linen Shirt the ideal option to pack for your next tropical getaway. Although you may not think about wearing a long sleeve linen shirt to the beach, the sleeves can easily be rolled up, meaning you can finally wear them with something like our Pizza Slice Board Shorts or maybe even our new Mushroom Board Shorts. However, if you want to pair our linen shirt with a board short option that’s a little less in-your-face, something like our Vertical Stripe Board Shorts in navy and white might be a great option as well. Plus, here’s another tip for those who are single and ready to mingle – red is an intense colour that demands attention and will help you stand out from the crowd for potential suitors.

Sky Blue

Our Sky Blue Long Sleeve Linen Shirt is a fantastic option to include in your vacation wardrobe thanks to its soothing, pastel hue that matches both the sea and the sky of your tropical destination. Pairing it with something like our Shark Board Shorts would make the perfect outfit for an adventure such as visiting the Blue Tree, a one-of-a-kind, family-friendly entertainment destination located in Thalang, Phuket. If your travels take you to Bali rather than Phuket, and you decide to stop by the Bali Bird Park, you may pair our linen shirt with something like our Flamingo Board Shorts instead.


If you’re searching for a simple but elegant Black Long Sleeve Linen Shirt, look no further than our resort wear collection from Bistro St. Tropez. Acting as the ideal base for any outfit, our black linen shirt pairs well with nearly all of our premium men’s board shorts. However, if we had to recommend a way to style an outfit around our Black Long Sleeve Linen Shirt, we would definitely say either our Bird of Paradise Board Shorts for a day at the beach or our Keats Original Resort Shorts in beige for a night on the town. But, like we say, our black linen shirt is so versatile that you can wear it again and again with different bottoms and still achieve a perfectly put-together look every time.

Final Thoughts

Our linen shirts are an absolute necessity when heading off to places like Bali or Phuket because they are not only lightweight and breathable but they elevate your vacation wardrobe to the next level. Therefore, we hope this style guide has provided you with ample inspiration for what resort wear pieces need to end up in your luggage before your next tropical getaway. And remember, all of the colours highlighted here, white, pink, navy, red, sky blue, and black, are available in both long sleeve and short sleeve versions for you to choose from. Plus, our linen resort shirts are currently 50% OFF, but only for a limited time while supplies last! Ultimately, Bistro St. Tropez is your go-to destination for all things resort wear, helping you hone your travel style while keeping up with whatever you may have on the go.

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