Styling your Flamingo Board Shorts on Your Next Trip to Bali

No matter if you’re going to Ubud, Canggu, or Tabanan, you want to look your best on your next trip to Bali. Now, you can party like a ‘flock’ star in your newest Flamingo Board Shorts from Bistro St. Tropez! Whether you like to stand out or usually opt for a more understated design, we’ll always have a premium Flamingo Board Short style to suit your needs. Plus, our Flamingo Board Short designs are currently buy one, get one FREE! So, grab your Bistro St. Tropez board shorts and resort wear and let’s take a closer look at styling your Flamingo Board Shorts on your next trip to Bali.

Bali Bird Park

If you’re a flamingo lover, Bali Bird Park is one of the first places you’ll likely visit in Bali. Here, you’ll find upwards of 1,000 birds across more than 250 different species in a clean, enclosed aviary. Although they are known to be experts in breeding Birds of Paradise and Bali Starling, there are also plenty of flamingos to observe and enjoy! You will find them wandering around the park freely, making it an ideal opportunity to snap a picture with them in your Tropical Flamingo Board Shorts. Designed with a unique fabric blend for all-day comfort, our Tropical Flamingo Board Shorts come in two colour schemes – light pink or soft yellow. Plus, the stunning flamingo design gives the shorts a distinctly tropical vibe, which is perfect for checking out the Bird Park on your next getaway to Bali.

Flamingo Bali Beach Club

Once you’ve explored the sights at Bali Bird Park, you’re probably ready to settle in with a Piña Colada or two poolside. And what better place to visit than the Flamingo Bali Beach club in Gianyar? With exceptional accommodations, a modern aesthetic, and flamingo-themed areas and activities, the club is fully equipped to facilitate a fantastic experience for you and your family. You’ll find nods to the majestic pink flamingo throughout the design, from the flamingo murals to the pink accents to the flamingo floaties – they’ve got everything you need and more! To complement such a trendy, modern, and upbeat atmosphere, we suggest packing our Flamingo Watermelon Board Shorts since they are a truly unique and standout style. Not only that, but they’re designed to keep you stylish yet comfortable, so now all you must decide is whether you prefer a cabana or sun lounger.

Wear Your Bistro St. Tropez Flamingo Board Shorts at The Flamingo Bali Beach Club

Pink Beach (Komodo Island)

Although this next destination isn’t located directly in Bali, Pink Beach is a majestic stretch of rose-coloured sand on Komodo Island’s south-eastern shore. Approximately 200 km from Bali, people from around the world come to check out the soft, pink sand, crystal clear waves, and amazing diving opportunities at Pink Beach. However, you may not know that Indonesia actually boasts several beautiful pink beaches, another being on the neighbouring island of Flores. Nevertheless, regardless of which Pink Beach you decide to visit, you’ll want to roll up in style with our Flamingo Board Shorts. The pink graphic design will perfectly complement the beach’s rose-coloured sand while keeping you cool and cozy all day long. And since Pink Beach is one of only a few pink beaches in the world, it’s the perfect chance to wear your new Bistro St. Tropez board shorts as you visit this once-in-a-lifetime destination.

Wear Your Bistro St. Tropez Flamingo Board Shorts at the Pink Beach on Komodo Island

Dinner and Sunset Views

After all this travel, you probably just need a quiet night to enjoy a five-star dinner and gorgeous sunset at your resort. Hopefully, you’ve come prepared with some elegant yet casual pieces from our Bistro St. Tropez lineup! To achieve a classy yet relaxed look, consider pairing our Flamingo Elegant Board Shorts in black with our pink Linen Short Sleeve Shirt, or you could even go with the Flamingo Elegant Board Shorts in mint accompanied by our white Linen Long Sleeve Shirt. The best part is that our resort wear is versatile, meaning you can easily wear your outfit to an upscale dinner while being comfy enough to head straight onto the beach and enjoy the sunset afterwards. If you’re looking for an even better sunset view, you might think about heading to one of the various sea temples, including Uluwatu Temple or Tanah Lot Temple, to enjoy the magnetic display of colours. These seaside temples not only offer a glimpse into Balinese religious customs, but they are an awe-inspiring backdrop during the sunset hours when the vast ocean reflects the colourful rays of the setting sun.

Wear Your Bistro St. Tropez Flamingo Board Shorts at Dinner & Sunset Views

Balinese Markets

Speaking of getting a taste of Balinese culture, no trip to Bali is complete without an excursion to one of the local markets. Not to mention, our Flamingo Splendid Board Shorts are the ideal casual option for strolling through a market or wandering down the streets of Bali! So, whether you’re heading to the Ubud Art Market, Sukawati Art Market, or Kuta Art Market, you can look stylish while picking up some local, handmade souvenirs – they might even have some flamingo souvenirs to match your shorts! Every holiday needs a little souvenir searching; however, you may also want to check out some other authentic markets in Bali, such as the Sindhu Market, Jimbaran Fish Market, The Flea Market Seminyak, or the Old Man’s Original Canggu Market, to get an even better feel for the local fare. Regardless of which authentic Balinese market you choose, let Bistro St. Tropez help you put your best foot forward with fashion options that are always comfortable and on-trend.

Wear Your Bistro St. Tropez Flamingo Board Shorts at the Balinese Markets

Final Thoughts

With so many exceptional options to choose from in our Flamingo Board Shorts collection, you might not be sure how to choose just one for your next trip to Bali. But, the good news is that for a limited time, you can buy one, get one FREE from our Flamingo Board Shorts collection! Now, you don’t have to decide – you can snag both! Ultimately, we have the Flamingo Board Short styles for whatever you may face in Bali; from aviaries to exotic beaches to authentic local markets and more, Bistro St. Tropez has got you covered.

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