The Best Spots in Bali to Swim Alongside Majestic Turtles

Bali, with its emerald terrains and shimmering coasts, offers a plethora of experiences, yet there's one that stands out distinctly: the chance to swim with turtles. These magnificent marine creatures have captured the hearts of many travellers, making the quest to swim alongside them a sought-after Balinese experience. If you're eager to have this once-in-a-lifetime encounter, here are the premier spots to swim with turtles in Bali.


Nusa Dua

swimming with turtles in bali in nusa dua with bistro st. tropez

An upscale resort area on Bali's south-eastern coast, Nusa Dua is more than just luxury hotels and immaculate beaches. Its clear waters are frequented by turtles, making it a serene setting for a close encounter. Just a stones throw away is the aptly named "Turtle Island." Not to mention there is often conservation efforts in the area and Nusa Dua beach is a known release spot.

  • Tip: Early morning snorkels often yield the best sightings.

Padang Baiswimming with turtles in bali in padang bai with bistro st. tropez

    Located on Bali’s east coast, Padang Bai is not just a gateway to Lombok but also a hub for divers. The Blue Lagoon and Jepun dive sites here are known for turtle sightings.

    • Note: The calm waters make it perfect for both beginners and seasoned divers.

    Nusa Penida’s Gamat Bayswimming with turtles in bali in nusa penida gamat bay with bistro st. tropez

      Nusa Penida, off Bali’s southeast coast, is famed for its manta rays. However, Gamat Bay here is a lesser-known treasure where turtles roam amidst vibrant corals.

      • Recommendation: Take a dive guide with you to pinpoint the best locations in the bay.

      Secret Bay in Gilimanukswimming with turtles in bali in secret bay gilimanuk with bistro st. tropez

        Positioned on the island’s far western point, Secret Bay is a muck diving paradise. Here, amongst the seagrass beds, green turtles can often be seen munching away.

        • For Photographers: This spot provides unique photo ops due to the turtles' interaction with their environment.

        Preserving the Experience for Everyone

        When you venture into the waters to swim with turtles in Bali, remember that you are entering their home. Adherence to some basic guidelines ensures that these animals continue to thrive:

        • Hands Off: As tempting as it might be, do not touch the turtles. They have a protective layer on their skin which can be damaged by human contact.
        • Avoid Flash Photography: Bright lights can be stressful for marine creatures. If taking photos, always turn off the flash.
        • Stay Calm: Quick and sudden movements can spook the turtles. Be calm and composed, letting them come to you.

        A Stylish Reminder of Bali's Marine Wonders

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