Best Northern Territory Experiences

Best Northern Territory Experiences

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Australia’s Northern Territory is the quintessential outback. Home to the sandstone monolith Uluru, thriving indigenous cultures, magical watering holes and unreal landscapes, a trip to the Northern Territory should be on every Australian’s bucket list.

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Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

The heart of Australia is home to one of its most recognisable landmarks, Uluru. Uluru is approximately a 5-hour drive from Alice Springs - a town worth visiting in its own right. Visit one of the town’s indigenous art galleries and spend some time getting to know the artists, watch the sunset from a hot air balloon, or explore the surrounding outback via camel, four-wheel-drive tour, hike, or mountain bike.

There are a number of different tours and experiences to explore Uluru. Depending on your appetite, a walking tour might be your best choice. We highly recommend the camel ride! Make sure you choose a tour that will give you a proper insight into the culture and history of Uluru. For the adventurers, a good pair of hiking books, or a mountain bike – certainly, a snake bite kit, just in case – the Northern Territory outback is wild, untameable and has much to offer its visitors.

If you’re looking to splash out, take a helicopter ride for the ultimate bird’s eye view of one of Australia’s most important landmarks. A luxury dining experience while the sun sets is undoubtedly a great way to experience this pristine and wild landscape.

If you’re Aussie, then you undoubtedly know of Northern Territory’s reputation for hot weather. If you’re a tourist and reading this, most people find that day temperatures exceed their comfort level. And it’s extremely dry!

Basically, make sure you have your best summer gear packed. Singlets and board shorts, all day long, are a must.


Kakadu National Park

Kakadu is Australia’s largest national park, and the world’s second largest national park. Perhaps the best way to experience Kakadu in your Bistro St. Tropez men’s boardshorts is swimming in one of its magical rockpools and billabongs. But don’t forget, you’re in crocodile territory. So always pay close attention to signs near any bodies of water. And to be on the safe side, if you’re unsure if it’s safe, just don’t go in.

Having said that, swimming near waterfalls and isolated swimming holes is a great pastime experience you can relive on your visit to Kakadu.

Gunlom Falls is a cascading waterfall and plunge pool in Waterfall Creek. Enjoy nice relaxing walks, a picnic area and camping facilities, it’s one of the most magical spots in Australia.

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Definitely check out Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls! No visit to Kakadu is complete without seeing these beautiful waterfalls. You won’t believe just how much water flows through; you have to see it to believe it.

Before planning your trip to the Kakadu National Park and Northern Terriroty, also consider these bucket list must-dos:

  • Cruise Yellow Water
  • Swim at Maguk
  • Admire Ubbir
  • Burrungkuy (Nourlangie) Rock Art
  • Yurmikmik Walks
  • Mamukala Wetlands


One of the most underrated Australian capitals, Darwin is a great city to explore urbanised Australia, with lots of history, natural wonders and has something for everyone. While Melbourne and Sydney are often thought of as the food capitals of Australia, Darwin’s food scene is a surprising delight, offering an Asian influence and showcasing lots of fresh seafood, local Australian cuisine, and even the occasional crocodile burger.

Darwin has many unique attractions and activities, whether it be immersing yourself in its rich indigenous heritage and culture, World War II historical sites, camping, fishing, and river cruising or even seeing crocodiles from Croccove’s cage of death.

Keep in mind that, unlike Alice Springs, which is hot and dry, Darwin’s climate is, well still hot, but extremely tropical. Average temperatures range from 25C – 32C, and humidity can push past 80 percent. When the sun goes down there’s no need to change!

We recommend checking out Trip Advisor for a more extensive list of attractions and tours Darwin has to offer.

If visiting tropical destinations is your MO, then a pair of board shorts is all but necessary. You can’t do any better for a lower price than with Bistro St. Tropez men’s board shorts. Grab a pair for your next trip.

As always, we hope you have a wonderful trip, and drop us a comment telling us all about it!

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